Inspired by Arklam

Arklam is a Spanish company specializing in the production of covering materials for architecture, interior design and decoration.

It is supported by the Soniceramic Group, a solid company with extensive business experience, operating in over 120 countries around the world . Since its inception, Arklam has become the reference product for industry professionals.

Arklam's mission is to be a leader in the industry, provide customers with innovative products based on quality and excellent service, and create value for customers, partners and the general public society.

Arklam's vision is to be a brand recognized around the world for its products, services, solutions and ability to innovate.

Arklam's core values are: leadership in pursuit of further development

Cooperation with partners, clients and society

Quality, value that makes us want to improve every day

Responsibility towards customers, employees, associates and society

Diversity as it offers a wide range of ceramic products and solutions to markets around the world

and commitment as it is a company that gradually promotes a social response business resilience (CSR) - its strength, durability and design specially developed for the most exclusive and demanding projects. The Arklam Super Size range consists of two product lines differing in thickness and application: Arklam 3mm and 6mm is an excellent material for laying and covering all kinds of interior and exterior surfaces, ventilated facades and even covering furniture. Its excellent properties are guaranteed by the NAN Award in the field of Architecture and Construction for the best product in its category in Spain.

Arklam worktops Arklam worktops meet the highest requirements in terms of functionality, hygiene, suitability for everyday use and aesthetics. Toughness, durability, impermeability and ease of maintenance are key features of the Arklam worktop range.

Arklam sintered worktops combine a high level of design to offer a wide range of finishes and exclusive models that perfectly match the the needs of professionals involved in interior design and kitchen decoration.

Only inorganic materials (without resins and additives) are used in the production of Arklam worktops, which after the sintering process give an ultra-compact and ultra-resistant surface, unchanged under the influence of extreme temperatures and cold and exposure to UV rays. It is also completely cut, impact and impact resistant. Besides the fact that it does not scratch, it is completely waterproof as it is a non-porous material which ensures maximum hygiene and easy cleaning. reloading and maintenance operations minimize the consumption of energy resources and the generation of waste.

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