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Bocci collection 14

14 is an articulated die-cast glass ball with a frosted cylindrical void that houses either a low voltage xenon lamp or an LED lamp. Individual pendants are visually subtle, but after multiplication and focusing in groups, they gain a romantic quality.

14 Wall sconce

The 14 wall sconce by Bocci was designed by Omer Arbel to be visually subtle in contemporary living spaces. Each individual wall lamp is a glass hemisphere with a frosted cylindrical void. The light interacts with the imperfections and bubbles in the cast glass to create a visually rich halo of light. Cast glass is an organic process - imperfect in nature - therefore each element produced is unique. In 2005, Bocci started with one product: the 14 pendant lamp, which quickly became a success for modern design. Today, Bocci offers a collection of contemporary lighting, often in the form of single and multi-point pendants and chandeliers. Based in Vancouver and Berlin, Bocci is organized as a group of cooperatives of designers, craftsmen, technicians and more who work together to develop more "extraordinary items".

Series 14 Bocci

Series 14 features an articulated cast glass ball with a matte cylindrical void housing a low-voltage lamp. Individual pendants are visually subtle, but after multiplication and focusing in groups, they gain a romantic quality.


The Bocci 14 pendant lamp is a bestseller of the Canadian lighting brand Bocci, designed by Omer Arbel. The naming follows a simple rule: every Arbel design is numbered chronologically - and as not every idea goes into series production, the Bocci 14 was the first lamp in the brand's range and was the reason for its success.

The lampshade consists of two hemispheres made of solid cast glass. The horizontal 'seam' between the two halves, the slightly uneven surface and the tiny air pockets in the cast glass are all evidence of the careful craftsmanship and make each piece unique. The light magically refracts through the transparent but solid and slightly uneven glass.

The Bocci 14 is available as a single lamp, but also as a pendant lamp with three or more glass balls. They resemble drops of water or air bubbles under water, strong associations that invite you to dream and create a unique, magical atmosphere. Bocci also offers the possibility of custom-made products that are particularly suitable for large rooms and public areas. The Bocci cluster with particularly long hangers is ideal, for example, for lighting a staircase.

14.1 by bocci

This unique pendant lamp is an absolute highlight, both individually and in groups, and is suitable for use in the living room, e.g. above the dining table, as well as in public areas in halls, offices, stairwells or as facility lighting.

the surface of the stylish glass ball is slightly uneven. in combination with air bubbles enclosed in a glass body, the porthole placed in a matte cylindrical recess emits a very individual, warm light with beautiful reflections.

The bocci 14 pendant lamps are equipped with a durable 10W xenon lamp or an energy-saving 1.8W LED lamp. The cables can be installed in various lengths. There are 4 different rosettes available for a single bocci 14.1 lamp.

The use of Bocci 14S - 14SP

The Bocci 14s - 14sp wall lamp is a beautiful low-voltage lamp that combines with hand-formed glass to create a visually rich halo of light. The Bocci 14s - 14sp wall lamp is an innovative, efficient and incomparable modern lighting fixture. The highest quality construction methods and materials have been used to create the shape and appearance of this wall lamp with smooth curves and rounded edges.

The Bocci 14s - 14sp wall lamp is ideal for commercial and residential applications in decorative spaces. You can also use the lamp on other surfaces, such as the ceiling. The Bocci 14s - 14sp wall lamp is a molded glass hemisphere with a matte cylindrical void that can house a 1.5 watt LED lamp or a 10 watt xenon lamp.

The 14sp comes with a 4.5 "/ 115mm diameter mounting plate designed to mount directly to standard wall junction boxes. The Bocci 14sp can be used outdoors and in some wet locations thanks to its IP65 protection class.

The 14s series, on the other hand, is a surface wall lamp designed with a striking transparent glass lampshade that can be used in a variety of contexts. The 14s wall lamp has an IP 65 protection rating, which means it can be used outdoors, indoors and in wet environments. In addition, the 14s series is an effective setting, popular in public places such as the corridor of a cool cafe or restaurant.


How much is Bocci 14

Products inspired by the Bocci 14 collection cost an average of 15721 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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