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Coffee tables

Small and discreet, large and impressive, coffee tables are indispensable equipment in any room at home, office or garden. In addition to fulfilling a variety of functions, they are pieces of equipment that contribute to giving the final touch that sets the surroundings apart. They can be selected in combination with chairs and furniture accessories to fill a space or to contrast with them to stand out and attract attention. That is why there are so many different coffee tables in terms of materials, shapes, sizes and colors.

The coffee table, a must-have piece of furniture in any living room

Whatever room you put the table in, it becomes it is an indispensable item that allows you to create practical and beautiful furnishing solutions. Surely the main place where it inevitably leads him to play an important role is the living room. Who could do without a coffee table for the living room located between the sofas and which can easily accommodate vases, lamps and decorations? Depending on the space available, instead of putting in a single table, you can give free rein to your creativity and style by inserting more coffee tables, possibly of different heights and shapes, and combining them. They are often enriched with accessories that make them even more versatile and indispensable. For those who love to host relatives and friends, it is very easy to choose coffee tables with trays on which to place or transport dishes, glasses or cups while sitting comfortably on chairs, snacks and side dishes. For those who, on the other hand, do not want to give up additional shelves by the sofa, they can not opt ​​for service tables. This makes the use of the sofa more enjoyable and relaxing, so you can have everything you need on hand or take a break from the TV remote control, glasses or glasses for a while while you prepare to do something else.

A perfectly designed coffee table for all rooms.

The versatility of the coffee tables makes them also perfect for other rooms at home or in other environments. For example, in the entrance area, where coffee tables with storage compartments can be used to store keys, glasses and coins, or where the most beautiful photos and memories can be displayed. Even in the contractual world, coffee tables are widely used, where they complement a piece of furniture by becoming an additional cabinet or acting as a reserve second shelf without cluttering up a large space. In addition, in the waiting rooms of offices or studios, it is worth placing coffee tables with shelves for magazines, where newspapers or newspapers can be placed to cheer up the party waiting for the party. But they are also perfect for those who want to relax on the couch at the end of the day.

What could be better than relaxing in the fresh air?

For those who don't want to give up some pleasure. terraces, balconies and gardens, through the perfect use of all the spaces adjacent to the house, they can create a space with garden furniture. While the armchairs serve as a relaxation area, the garden tables become a real reference point for enjoying an outdoor space, an afternoon happy hour, or an evening out in the fresh air. Outwardly, it becomes an extension of the living room or lounge, and for this reason you sometimes choose to keep the same style to avoid contrasts. In fact, people often prefer to recreate friendly environments that are perfect for socializing. In any case, it is important to choose them carefully, paying attention to the size, shape and material from which they are made. In fact, tables have to withstand sunlight, bad weather, moisture and rust. For this reason, we often prefer to use plastic tables, which thanks to their lightness are also perfect for those who prefer a free style or like to change the configuration of the rooms. Often, however, other materials are also used, covered with special waterproof paints, which make the product resistant to wind and weather.

Table materials for all furniture combinations

The material plays an important role in choosing a table design. Wood is by far the most used material for coffee tables thanks to its inner strength and resilience. Whether it has a natural or lacquered finish, or a dark or light shade, the wooden coffee table goes well with any type of furniture, whether classic or modern. Another preferred material for coffee tables is metal, which gives sparkle and determination to the environment. The workability of this material allows the creation of special and detailed forms. Moreover, for those who love to add a touch of color to the room without exaggeration, they will be delighted with the wide chromatic palette that this material provides: from white and mother-of-pearl color, to natural nuances of fading beige to dove gray, from opaque and dark colors to light and vivid colors. The glass coffee table is perfect for modern furniture: transparent and light in shape, it has the advantage of not cluttering the eye. It is characterized by a surface that catches the eye and reflects the surrounding world without deforming it and giving it a mysterious atmosphere. Finally, designers have created a wide range of coffee tables that use a combination of many materials, resulting in a refined and chic end result.

The proportions of the coffee table as a synonym for perfection

The design of the coffee table should be chosen in accordance with its location in relation to the rest of the furniture. Therefore, when choosing the perfect coffee table, the proportions and shape are crucial to understanding the dimensions that the table must have to integrate with the rest of the equipment accessories: too large a coffee table may be too bulky, and a coffee table that is too small may not provide the necessary space. support. The shape of the coffee tables has a significant impact on the functionality of the room. A round table with a compact shape is a space-saving solution that is able to harmonize the environment in the best possible way. The complete absence of edges makes it perfect for places where children are, which will turn him into the hero of the most beautiful and fun games. Rectangular coffee tables are ideal for positioning close to a wall and serve as an additional support surface. Together with the square ones, they are perfect to be placed in the middle of a living room, where their square and basic lines meet the softness of the sofas, creating a striking design and a great visual impact.

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