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The Magis Puppy collection is one of the most beloved and recognizable collections of design furniture from Italian manufacturer Magis. This collection of playful, whimsical pieces has been featured in the world's top design magazines and has won many awards since its introduction in 1994. The collection consists of ten pieces of furniture, including chairs, stools, tables and benches. The pieces are molded from polyethylene and are hollow, lightweight, strong and durable. Despite the simple shapes, the Puppy collection was made with extreme attention to detail.

The pieces of the collection share a common theme - puppies, which is evident in the light and cheerful look of the collection. Puppies are stylized in a modern, abstract way, which allows them to stand out from other designs. The collection also features a vibrant color palette, from vibrant oranges to cool blues. The pieces in the collection are also very versatile, fitting both indoors and in outdoor spaces, and are low enough to serve as seats for children.

The Magis Puppy collection was designed by Dutch designer Eero Aarnio and produced by Italian furniture manufacturer Magis in 1994. Since then, the collection has achieved worldwide recognition and is now considered an icon of Italian design. Its playful and abstract design makes the pieces stand out in any space.

The Magis Puppy collection is a perfect example of design that is both artistic and timeless. The pieces are both comfortable to use and visually appealing, offering users a unique way to express their style and creativity. The collection is suitable for any space, from homes to commercial spaces, and is sure to be a great conversation starter.

Overall, the Magis Puppy collection is an affordable and timeless classic of Italian design. The pieces are iconic, sturdy and versatile. With its combination of vibrant colors, abstract puppy motif, sturdy construction and versatility, the Magis Puppy collection is sure to make a lasting impression on any space or user.


How much is Magis Puppy

Products inspired by the Magis Puppy collection cost an average of 653 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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