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Showcases / showcases

Showcases are mobile containers for ordering items and items that you want to display. They are a treasure chest that shows without flaunting but that is naturally eye-catching. The showcase for the living room not only meets the demand, but is also able to furnish the space with models of classic and modern design.

Show your personality with a showcase

Faithful custodians of memories and passions, showcases they are designed to transform what you love into an integral part of your furniture. They are perfect for adding a personal touch to any room and giving your home some character, making it unique and original. A designer showcase can therefore be a fabulous decorative and functional piece of furniture that not only helps to keep order, but also, thanks to the glazing, to brighten the furniture by playing with transparency and alternating empty and full spaces, creating an overall harmonious effect. In fact, one of the great advantages of this material is that it reflects light and creates optical effects with tremendous impact. This is especially visible in the display case, which is completely transparent. In this type of display case, both the shelves and the other panels are usually made entirely of glass and have a very light structure made of other materials. This type of display case collects, displays, enhances and preserves the items it contains, giving the surroundings a very chic tone.

The display case is a matter of style

The decisive factor in choosing a display case is the style of the furnishings: the display case should take it over and complete it. Classic display cases remain the most liked by those looking for nostalgic atmosphere and vintage flavors. They customize the space with impressive solutions and refined splendor. While the modern ones present a look as intriguing as it is sober and discreet. They are characterized by a simple, clean, graphic and minimalist design. This unique piece of furniture therefore adds lightness and simplicity that is unique in every room. But regardless of the preferred style, the designer's showcase stands out for its high formal refinement and quality of details.

Design showcases for display and display

A showcase is a piece of furniture characterized by glass doors that allow for display items that may be redundant, perhaps necessary, that have found their place between the shelves. You can store papers, books and materials for work in professional environments such as studios or offices, but you also contribute to the organization of many rooms in the home: such as corridors, kitchens or living rooms where you can show off your dishes, books, decorations or photos. But this piece of furniture is becoming a must for collectors who want to have their collections in view and protect them from dust at the same time. There are a few small but basic aspects to consider when choosing a storefront. The first is certainly understanding which room you want to place it in. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the available space in order to choose the correct size. To enhance the properties of the glass, you can place a display case near a source of natural or artificial light. In this way, both the furniture and the items it contains will instantly catalyze your gaze. You also need a style that best suits your home design, so you should consider the palette of available colors and materials. Finally, specify the amount and type of items to be stored in the display case.

Choose the perfect showcase for each environment

Depending on the space available, you can choose tall display cases that make the most of the height , with one, two or three doors or drawers and side doors where you can store any type of items you want to hide from view and give the environment a more functional and modern look. Corner showcases, on the other hand, use the corners of the walls to obtain an original effect that respects the shape of the room. Suspended display cases are perfect for small rooms. These, while leaving the floor below free, do not take up much space and make the surroundings bright and spacious without burdening the house. Before attaching the hanging display case to the wall, it is worth considering its height so that it does not obstruct the passage and check what weight it can bear. If you want to express your creativity by creating harmonious or geometric compositions, combinations of colors and materials, games of symmetry or asymmetry, you can choose modular showcases. These are cabinets that can be equipped with accessories that allow you to combine and mix different elements. They are a practical solution that, thanks to their modular nature, can be adapted to different needs over time. Often the shelves are also adjustable in height, so they can be adapted to the items you want to store there.

Mix of materials and colors of the showcases

Because the showcases are the treasury of our most expensive, beautiful and precious items, it is important to choose the right materials. It is also for this reason that the design of these storage compartments is the subject of constant stylistic and material experiments to ensure that originality of their design is combined with functionality. Wooden display cases are timeless, they are an expression of quality and reliability. They can be integrated into almost any type of environment and give a feeling of warmth and welcome. The contrast between the wood and the glass of the door makes this furniture accessory refined and elegant. On the other hand, metal display cases combine the strength of this material with the brightness of glass, which captures and diffuses light, giving the environment a glow and freshness. If you want to catch the attention of those entering the room, you can choose varnished display cases. Available in a variety of colors and shades, this furniture fits perfectly with modern and contemporary furniture as well as more classic and traditional contexts. Those with bright lampshades are perfect for small and dimly lit rooms, because they make the room appear larger and brighter and bring a breath of fresh air. If, on the other hand, you want to make your surroundings lively and cheerful, you can only opt for multiple shop windows in bright and shiny colors. To immediately catch the eyes of those who enter the room, the ideal solution is to choose a display case with integrated lighting, which becomes a transparent and light block that can highlight the intangible light reflected in the glass and the valuable items contained in it.

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