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The Qeeboo Rabbit collection is a whimsical line of modern furniture designed by prestigious Italian designer Stefano GIovannoni. This line of furniture is an exploration of humanistic design principles based on the concepts of evolution and integration. The Qeeboo Rabbit collection features innovative shapes and colors, as well as a variety of materials such as steel, wood and plastics.

The collection includes a wide range of furniture, from chairs, stools, beds and tables to accessories such as pillows, clocks and boxes. Each piece is designed to combine originality, comfort and utility. The generous armrests, curved legs and distinctive shapes of Qeeboo Rabbit chairs and stools provide cozy and inviting seating. Rounded edges and easy-to-clean surfaces make them ideal for use in children's rooms.

The iconic Qeeboo Rabbit lamp is the star of the collection. Its majestic silhouette and long, thin legs bring a playful sophistication to any room. The lamp's design uses a combination of textured plastic and intricate metal details, making it a true design element. The lamp is available in a variety of colors and sizes, making it easy to incorporate into any room.

Qeeboo Rabbit tables strike a balance between modernity and heritage. The tables feature elements such as slender legs and a beveled top that lock into place. Playful colors bring this modern look to life, making them ideal for outdoor dining.

The Qeeboo Rabbit collection also includes a selection of fun accessories such as vases, pen holders and dollhouses. With vivid colors and vibrant patterns, these accessories add a touch of fun to any space. All in all, the Qeeboo Rabbit collection is a line of modern furniture that is sure to appeal to design-loving families and trendsetters alike.


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Products inspired by the Qeeboo Rabbit collection are valued at the customer's request. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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