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Catellani & Smith Lederam lighting is a unique interpretation of modern chandeliers. Designed by designer Enzo Catellani, the Lederam lighting features a structure of juxtaposed, illuminated disks in gold and silver. The disks, or "petals," are placed in a spherical shape to create a stunning, dramatic effect. The disks are made from individual pieces of aluminum, giving them a delicate look but solid quality. This design creates an innovative alternative to the traditional large crystal chandelier.

Catellani & Smith Lederam Lighting is available in a variety of sizes to best fit any home, from a 6-disc version to a 12- or 18-disc option. It is a fresh, striking addition to both public and residential spaces, adding a contemporary and chic touch with its minimalist, sleek design. The original color version comes in gold and silver, but other versions are also available. The color of the inner disks can be adjusted to any shade, including matte white and matte black.

Catellani & Smith Lederam lighting is available in LED, offering the perfect combination of style and performance. It is made with LED modules in the center of the discs, which project light downward and outward in a spectacular visual pattern, making it ideal for modern interiors.

Catellani & Smith Lederam lighting designer Enzo Catellani is an award-winning Italian designer whose work is known for its originality and boldness. He is passionate about craftsmanship and art, and his designs are often inspired by nature and classic materials such as iron. All of this makes Catellani & Smith Lederam lighting a truly exquisite piece that adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.

Catellani & Smith Lederam lighting is a perfect example of when modern meets classic. The delicate discs are artfully arranged in a modern yet elegant style that creates a unique and beautiful design. It is an innovative take on traditional chandeliers and is the perfect lighting solution for both modern and classic spaces.


How much is Catellani&Smith Lederam

Products inspired by the Catellani&Smith Lederam collection cost an average of 648 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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