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Delta Light's Supernova lighting collection offers modern design and innovative technology in one package. Established in 2008, the collection has evolved to become one of the most comprehensive collections available on the market today. The Delta Light Supernova collection consists of a wide range of luminaires that provide superior lighting as well as a contemporary aesthetic. Each product in the Delta Light Supernova collection seamlessly blends both form and function, making it an ideal choice for any modern room.

The Delta Light Supernova collection supports a range of modern design trends, from clean and minimalist geometric accents to vibrant LED focal points and decorative wall pads. Each individual product combines high-quality materials and craftsmanship with contemporary design, enabling the creation of unique and personalized environments. The collection includes track, recessed and ceiling spotlights, wall lights and outdoor lights that can be customized to suit any taste and interior.

The luminaires in the Delta Light Supernova collection are primarily based on LED technology, offering superior luminescence, durability and cost efficiency. With innovative features such as OptiPower and Energy Monitor technology, which allow for maintenance-free, continuously adjustable and tunable operation throughout the product's lifetime to maintain its exceptional white light, energy savings and cost efficiency. In addition, the collection comes with Delta Light's 5-year warranty, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

The Delta Light Supernova collection is an innovative and stylish lighting series that offers superior flexibility and performance. Thanks to modern design and precision engineering, each luminaire in the series can be customized and modified to fit any environment. This makes the collection ideal for any home or commercial space. From its energy-saving technology and superior lighting performance to its high-quality materials and workmanship, Delta Light Supernova is the ideal product for those who want to bring modern design and technology into their home or business.

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