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Garden furniture

Garden furniture should be selected carefully, taking into account a whole range of factors, from the material, through design, to the selection of appropriate accessories to complete the project. Garden furniture is deliberately designed to withstand weather conditions, which is why the materials they are made of are particularly resistant. Light and basically indestructible aluminum furniture competes with furniture made of new generation polymers for the primacy of strength and durability. Nevertheless, classic furniture made of wood, iron and natural fiber holds a leading position thanks to its refined aesthetics and timeless elegance. At Archiproducts you will have access to a wide selection of outdoor furniture to suit all needs, with solutions for every style, from classic to contemporary and designer, for both public and private use.

Planning a living room for you outdoor with designer furniture

Setting the living area on the terrace or in the garden allows you to make good use of the outdoor space and add value to it. Being a full-fledged extension of the interior, the design must ensure a certain continuity of style and finishes to obtain a pleasant and harmonious effect. Designer garden furniture made of wood, metal, plastic and the most modern technical fabrics guarantee excellent results both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, as well as durability. Depending on the available space, you can create a classic relaxation zone using garden sofas combined with armchairs, pouffes and footrests. For a more contemporary touch, you can insert items such as a fashionable garden lounger or hanging chairs, a classic offered by many companies in new models with a catchy design, while hammocks and swing seats liven up the space with a romantic atmosphere reminiscent of bygone times. Perfect for those looking for an all-in-one solution or to furnish outdoor areas for bars and restaurants, garden lounge sets offer modular, all-in-one systems including seating and coffee tables.

Choosing the right pieces to create your space outside was beautiful and functional

Enjoying an aperitif, lunch or barbecue outdoors is one of the advantages an outdoor space can offer. From the simple arrangement of the dining room with table and chairs to the kitchen, at Archiproducts you will find all the products that will allow you to create a beautiful and functional dining room. The garden table is undoubtedly the hero of the dining room, an element that defines a space through its shape and size, and is characterized by materials, colors and design. The table should be matched with garden chairs or alternatively with comfortable and sophisticated garden chairs that can be matched with the table or in a different style and material for an unexpected effect. Present on a daily basis in the areas of outdoor bathing facilities, hotels and resorts, open-air bars also conquer terraces and home gardens. For this reason, the range of bar counters offered by manufacturers is varied with models of small sizes, some mounted on wheels so that they can be easily moved. The bar counter is perfectly suited to outdoor stools, available in a variety of materials, styles and heights to suit any need. Finally, consider an outdoor trolley, a practical and versatile accessory for transporting food or a bar trolley for making delicious cocktails outdoors.

Solarium and swimming pool; necessary furniture and accessories

Depending on the available space, the outdoor area can be supplemented with a solarium and a swimming pool. The solarium area is ideal for relaxing and giving yourself a pleasant tan, so it should be placed in the sunny part of the terrace or garden or near the swimming pool. The solarium area can be perfectly equipped with sun loungers and sun loungers, while garden beds are an ideal solution for large rooms and can be very versatile and comfortable, as in the canopy and igloo version, best for bathing facilities and resorts. If the solarium is located next to the pool, in addition to the above-mentioned furniture, it is possible to complete the equipment with floating furniture for a fun and dramatic effect. Pillows, outdoor rugs, lanterns and flower pots are essential accessories that will complement and personalize any outdoor space. Finally, garden furniture for storage must not be missing for the storage of accessories and tools. From shelves to cabinets to chests of drawers, more or less spacious, these elements not only protect your items, but also add grace and order to your outdoor space.

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