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Garden chairs

Outdoor furniture requires the same attention and attention as indoors. The availability of space, your personal whim, and the type of environment you arrange are important aspects to pay attention to, especially if you are choosing a garden chair. Convenience also matters. Whether you choose a lounge chair or an elegant outdoor chair, comfort counts. Two other basic parameters are weather resistance and aesthetics. Garden chairs can be chosen in combination with or in contrast to the table for a continuous or striking mix and match the effect with the surrounding furnishing style. In addition to typical wooden garden chairs, there are plastic chairs - most often used outdoors because they are comfortable, easy to clean, durable and colorful - garden chairs made of metal or aluminum, or products with ultra-modern design. Each of these seats is crucial in encouraging sociability and conversation, and allows you to comfortably use outdoor spaces.

Different styles of garden chairs

In our time, garden chairs are rejected in all sorts of styles, from modern models with thousands of cataloged models, to models designed by renowned brands of international caliber; from the vintage Bauhaus style to purely classic and Scandinavian styles. The choice ranges from the more basic and slender to the larger and more comfortable models; from models with or without an armrest, also in a stackable version, to the "director" model, which is considered cult today. In addition to these solutions, the folding teak garden chairs and Batyline® also stand out as a comfortable, practical and easy-to-close model. However, the choice of garden chairs is often influenced by the garden table model. All this is aimed at making the most of your outdoor space, enjoying your breakfast, lunch, dinner, outdoor breaks, great evening reading, as well as fun drinks with friends.

Materials and models of garden chairs

It can be quite a challenge to navigate an increasingly complex market such as garden chairs. There are countless models, each of which can be precisely matched to your garden furnishings. Like garden tables, chairs can be made of wood, steel, aluminum or plastic. Thanks to such a wide offer, everyone can be sure that they will find a solution that best suits their needs. Each of these materials has been selected for its properties that make them especially recommended for use in the garden. Wooden garden chairs blend in perfectly with the classic furniture design with a seat supporting the backrest. As for wood, chairs are made of slats mounted side by side and can have armrests. Garden chairs are almost as tall as traditional chairs. In the specific case of wood, it should be mentioned that a special oil impregnation is used to make it waterproof. When it comes to wooden chairs, there is also a foldable version that takes up very little space when folded. This precise characteristic should not be taken lightly. Garden chairs should be stored in an enclosed space during the winter to ensure a longer shelf life. Therefore, they will take up little space if they are compact. Metal garden chairs come in a variety of colors and their minimalist frame is the end result of a modern design project. Metal, thanks to its malleability, is easy to work with, enriching the "basic" model with decorative motifs, thanks to which the chair can become a peculiar and attractive element of the garden. Plastic garden chairs are very durable, made of new generation thermoplastic polymers. Polycarbonate, polyethylene and polyamide are modeled to create chairs with an adaptive structure and colored frame. The advantage of the new plastics is that they are available in many color variants to suit any space. Such garden chairs are easy to stack, and because they take up little space, they allow you to stack many chairs on top of each other. Plastic garden chairs are among the most sought after as they are easy to maintain and clean.

Garden chairs and light weight. The combination needed

Whether wood, metal or plastic, all materials for garden chairs must share one quality, namely lightness. This applies literally to their weight as well as to their appearance and ventilation. In fact, garden chairs need to be properly weighed, stable and not to move in the summer wind that can naturally push too light garden furniture. At the same time, garden chairs need to be light enough to be moved from place to place in the garden, but also to be lifted, stacked and stored just as easily. Also, whatever the material, summer temperatures require all garden chairs to have a certain percentage of breakthrough in order to serve multiple purposes at the same time; first of all, to make the chairs more translucent and to provide a better view of the natural landscapes, the sea or the surrounding colors; second, that the chair should not resist the said wind too much, and thus it is less "mobile" and that the "sail" effect is avoided; lighten the unstructured parts of the chair by piercing them; ultimately the openings are necessary to allow the body to transpire properly and better withstand heat and sweat, making the outdoor experience a real bliss.

Spending good hours in the right garden chairs

Is that a terrace, garden or balcony, transforming your outdoor space into a real living space where you can spend relaxing hours means creating the right atmosphere. In the case of a garden chair, it is important to consider its comfort and the design of the model that will be introduced into the space. For example, upholstered garden chairs play with volumes and, when mixed with colored fabrics, strategically decorate the surroundings with color brushes. Chairs of this type can be even more versatile when they have a removable cover, allowing for a constant change of aesthetics, while maintaining the same design. The highest comfort is provided by garden rocking chairs, which are perfect for reading a book in the shade or sipping a cool drink on the terrace.

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