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The armchairs fit into the living area thanks to the versatility typical of this complement, which allows the combination of colors and materials with a strong stage impact. Upholstered armchairs are upholstered with fabrics that play with patterns and textures, which allows you to create well-designed contrasts and monochrome stains. The furniture is available in various shapes, materials and fabrics to match the other elements that make up the furniture in the living area. From metal to wood, velvet to cotton, the structure and composition of the armchairs contribute to the aesthetics and functionality of the surroundings, allowing you to customize it with a mix of colors and materials that draw attention in the space.

Lounge chairs: when aesthetics and functionality meet

From iconic models to innovative products, armchairs enrich the living room with models with constantly changing designs and contribute to a pleasant atmosphere. The first variable to consider when choosing a chair is the material. Leather, fabric and velvet are frequently chosen alternatives. Leather armchairs are a striking part of a classic-style interior design, ranging from lighter to darker tones. Fabric armchairs play with the upholstery: from pastel colors to more intense chromatic contrasts, they can meet every need for style. In any case, the armchair remains an indispensable piece of furniture when you want to add character to the living area or simply want to combine a comfortable seat with a sofa in the living room. In fact, it is no coincidence that these two pieces of furniture often go hand in hand, either out of a necessity for space or a purely aesthetic choice.

Shapes, styles and uses of an iconic product

An armchair is a living room piece of furniture that transforms a corner of a room with shapes, fabrics and color combinations. From classic round shapes and the soft sizes of iconic models, to modern armchairs that play with thin metal structures, this product is a must-have to complete your living room while also offering pleasant moments of relaxation. You don't have to have that much space to own it, it's important to have an idea of ​​what its function will be: reading a book, watching TV, getting a massage or working from home are some of the functions it can take on.

An armchair for every need

When you think about an armchair, you always spontaneously and practically imagine it as a piece of furniture for relaxation, not a moment devoted to yourself, which is this work, not a moment pauses. Over the years, it has evolved and had to adapt to the dynamics of time, leaving the ideal of passive furniture and becoming an ally of more and more demanding users. A clear sign of this are, for example, seats with a Bluetooth connection or, for example, with integrated speakers and amplifiers. We are mainly talking about chairs for contractual spaces, but this does not mean that they can be set up in a young and dynamic environment, but only in a children's bedroom. One thing is certain: in living rooms or in living rooms, both modern and classic, relaxation armchairs will never cease to be a suitable and necessary complement.

Beanbag: an armchair out of the box

< p> The beanbag saying is the same as the Zanotta saying: it was the first brand to take the concept of comfort and relaxation to an extreme in 1968 with the creation of the Sacco collection. In the world of design, it can be considered one of the iconic works of the 20th century: it will also be selected for the Compasso D'Oro award in 1970, and will also be exhibited in the industry's most important museums, MoMa in New York, Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and the Triennale Design Museum in Milan just to name a few. It is a product that can boast an unlimited number of imitations over the years, but in principle it is absolutely easy and practical to replicate: this bag - in fact - generally filled with polystyrene balls and high strength thanks to the selected coating, can be placed indoors, instead of to become a garden chair bag to be placed by the pool or in the middle of the lawn.

Emergency Bedside Seats

Who knows how many times you will understand that you will receive a sudden visit or that you will have to somehow solve the problem of hosting a friend or relative for the night. In these cases, if the house and the size allow it, having a spare bed or a sofa bed can only be the most obvious answer. However, when the space in the house is becoming scarce and there is no possibility of having a room dedicated to guests, the armchairs bed are the ideal solution, with minimal effort. They are to all intents and purposes design armchairs, which, however, in a few simple steps, can become comfortable single beds or single and half square beds. These armchairs are equipped with a tilt mechanism that, thanks to a few simple steps, allows you to transform it into a comfortable and comfortable bed. The mattress is obviously included in the structure - only folded - and the same goes for the staves. As in these cases, but not only, the choice of armchairs with removable cover rather than fixed upholstery becomes fundamental, considering the need to have a spare bed always clean and tidy, as well as hygienically at the top.


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