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Wall lamps / outdoor sconces

Light can greatly change the nighttime image of outdoor spaces, allowing you to take full advantage of the features of the garden, balcony, terrace, building and even the urban landscape. The lighting design in the preliminary phase is essential; in-depth study of light allows you to actually enhance the spaces with scenographic effects, increase the aesthetics, atmosphere and attractiveness of a place or building, often changing its visual perception compared to the daytime one. Another aspect that should not be underestimated is undoubtedly the sense of security that light can provide to these open spaces. Among the many types of garden lighting, outdoor wall lamps certainly stand out. They have a big impact on the landscape and are extremely functional, so you can make the outside lively and pleasant, even after dark. The current market offers a wide range of products in this category, thus allowing you to choose between different types and models depending on your specific needs: from more decorative and emotional lighting to more functional. It can also include a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and light sources, including LED lamps, halogen and fluorescent lamps, as well as RGB and metal halide lamps. They can be warm or cold, with greater or lesser power depending on the need for light in a given space. The universal and functional design of the outdoor wall lamp allows you to place this product in a variety of contexts, from modern to more rustic and classic. To obtain a clean and extremely minimalist end result, recessed wall lamps are used, while to illuminate the decorative and emotional effect, we turn to designer wall lamps. Ecological alternatives are also very interesting and extremely up-to-date, including garden lamps powered by solar energy, which allow and significantly reduce electricity consumption.

Modern outdoor wall lamps that emphasize the external qualities

Among of outdoor wall lamp models, the main character is certainly an outdoor wall lamp, which has a functional and aesthetic utility, because unlike recessed lamps, it is a visible element that can enrich a space with a design that can help define the style of garden furniture. Soft, rounded shapes or rigorous geometries characterize the elements of garden furniture, which not only illuminate but also decorate the entrances to houses and rooms, verandas and outdoor seating areas. In general, modern models of outdoor wall lamps vary in color, material, style and shape depending on the context in which they are placed. For example, wrought iron outdoor wall lights are the best choice for classic facades that can be placed on stone walls. LED outdoor wall lights go well with the modern, minimalist outdoor style. These wall lamps can be pointed upwards, downwards or both to create special visual effects on the walls of your home. Therefore, they are a very practical solution that depends on the preferred type of lighting. Therefore, we are moving towards outdoor wall lamps with direct lighting, suitable for strong lighting of a specific point outside, or towards outdoor wall lamps with indirect lighting, which will contribute to creating a soft atmosphere. An important aspect to consider is the height of the wall lamp from the floor to determine how much light it should emit. Among the wall lamps for outdoor applications, the lamps of the Vibia as Origami lighting company certainly stand out, which combines functionality with the possibility of creating artistic creations, having the possibility of individual adjustment of the final effect, configuration of light bodies according to the needs.

Outdoor wall lamps: how to them choose

As mentioned above, outdoor lamps can make a significant contribution to enhancing the appearance of the facade of your home or garden at night. In particular, wall-mounted walls are often used for a small garden, for perimeter walls of a fenced garden, for a balcony or terrace. In general, application models or lanterns are very often used at the entrances; there are rustic, modern or classic versions that can be combined with different styles. Lanterns are most often used for old houses or in a rustic style, while among the wall lamps there are many modern spotlight models, especially the adjustable ones for mounting to the walls. We often focus on LED lighting, which is practical and environmentally friendly, and highly energy-efficient, making it ideal for spaces that require continuous lighting for many hours; They are also available in a recessed version which offers less space and reduces the risk of damage. Even by the pool, outdoor LED wall lights can create a special atmosphere. Among modern LED wall lamps, wall lamps with direct and indirect light, which use optics to play with light, such as diffusion, are becoming more and more popular. In addition, outdoor wall lights with motion sensors are very functional, perfect for all the different outdoor spaces in the house, for example at the front door. When it comes to the choice of materials, the emphasis is mainly on metal and plastic. Outdoor wall lights made of metal such as aluminum and brass are weather-resistant and are most popular on industrial-inspired balconies, but not only. Today, this material can take on minimalist and modern clothes, perfect for contemporary terraces or outdoor areas. With a geometric or hat-shaped lampshade made of copper, gold, white, black or chrome steel, metal wall lamps are available in many versions, depending on the style of furniture. So, there are plastic outdoor lamps, more widespread due to the durability of this material. The material used for this type of outdoor wall lamp differs from the fact that it is resistant to rain, sun and wind, which ensures a long life of the wall lamp.

Outdoor wall lighting: lighting effects and impact

When choosing outdoor lighting, it is very important to consider the available space, what you want to emphasize and what to hide. For example, wall lamps for outdoor use are also widely used to strengthen the surface on which they are placed, increasing their materiality. These are real furniture accessories, always clearly visible, used to furnish and enrich even small spaces in their simplicity. In order to illuminate external surfaces in a unique, technological and modern way, up-down floodlights are more and more often used. They are designer lamps with basic shapes, designed to emit conical and homogeneous light beams both up and down, with often adjustable light intensity. The end result is a choreography for the open spaces of the house with a scenic and captivating effect. LED or tempered glass spotlights can also have a strong stage effect and are not bulky.

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