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The Vibia Ameba lighting collection consists of a variety of decorative yet versatile lighting elements with modern shapes and using smart technology. With a variety of functions and sizes, the collection can be used in a variety of interior applications. The pieces are designed with clean, organic lines and a simple yet elegant palette of matte black, white and graphite gray. The geometric shapes create interesting visual images and act as design elements in any space.

The collection uses energy-efficient fluorescent lighting and LED technology to produce low heat and use less energy. The lamps are also dimmable and can be controlled wirelessly using smartphones and other wireless devices. In addition, the fixtures are designed to integrate seamlessly with automated home systems, home and office audio systems, and even home security systems. This allows users to have greater control over their surroundings, both in terms of security and atmosphere.

The lamps in this collection can be used to create atmospheres in a variety of places, from residential to commercial and hospitality. In residential spaces, the lamps can transform a room into a cozy, warm place to relax. In commercial spaces, they can be used to create visual points of interest that make the room more inviting. The Ameba collection is ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere in any space.

Additional features of the Ameba lighting collection include dimmer switches, allowing users to adjust the brightness of the lights to suit different occasions. Motion sensors are also included with this collection, making it easier for users to have more control over their surroundings, both in terms of safety and atmosphere. What's more, all Ameba lighting is IP rated, making it safe for use outdoors and in damp areas.

The Vibia Ameba lighting collection offers a modern, stylish way to illuminate a room. With geometric shapes, advanced technology and clean lines, this collection can provide excellent lighting for any space. Ideal for residential, commercial and hospitality spaces, this collection is perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere and transforming a room into an inviting and cozy environment.


How much is Vibia Ameba

Products inspired by the Vibia Ameba collection cost an average of 14374 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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