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Room dividers

Practical, versatile and able to fully change the look of your room. We are talking about screens, accessories of a completely ancient provenance that have returned to the role of heroes of interior design. In fact, they are the answer to the need to personalize modern life. Primarily because they are one of the most flexible solutions for environmental separation. In fact, they can be easily moved from one room to another, and when they are no longer needed, they can be folded and put aside, making them the perfect solution for modestly sized houses. In addition, the screens are so beautiful that they can also be used as decorative elements, adding character to the space with their presence. This is well known to designers who today often reinterpret such a complement to the equipment with a modern twist. Room dividers are now a fashionable complement to furniture. This is confirmed by the large variety of design screens that have recently appeared on the market. Such screen elements are made of different panels or vertical doors mounted on legs or lying directly on the floor, which are used to separate two zones in the same room, which allows you to create a dressing room inside the bedroom or a reading corner where you can isolate from the rest of the world. Some screens are loved primarily for their handiness, which allows you to modulate different spaces in the room without having to build a real partition wall; others appreciate the aesthetic aspect, as the screen panels can be decorated with colorful patterns that play a role in defining the atmosphere of the room.

Curtain materials and models

Room dividers can be used to divide a large room, change the appearance of interiors or creating a pleasant and unusual atmosphere. Therefore, when choosing the right screen, you should take into account the style of furniture in the environment that you want to place in our interior space. Lovers of classic, rustic or traditional styles can choose a stunning wooden screen. The warm feel of the wood actually contributes to washing this piece of equipment with a strong personality and opens up to a variety of possibilities depending on the essence you choose. Exoticism and lightness, typical of mango or Paulownia wood screens, are common among designers. Nevertheless, you can also find bamboo screens to show originality and give your home a sober ethnic look. Instead, the design screen with a more modern flavor has a wooden structure on which painted or printed canvas is mounted. Fabric screens, in addition to being lighter, also allow you to display decorative elements and drawings available in an infinite variety. One thing is for sure, however: the traditional Japanese screen is still in high demand. It's also true that her style is instantly recognizable. The small geometric shapes covered with delicate rice paper actually allow for the appearance of subtle and delicate decorations, such as cherry blossoms or moving waves. This model is perfect to bring a zen or bohemian atmosphere to the room. On the other hand, white screens are a particularly valued alternative to bedrooms or interiors decorated in a Scandinavian style. Its neutral appearance allows it to naturally find space in homes with completely different styles of furniture. A great way to soften the coldness of uniformly opaque panels is to choose perforated and therefore lighter models. If, on the other hand, you love retro settings, a vintage screen is perfect. Therefore, there are several suggestions for screens in a modern style: the original idea is mirrored glass screens, which have a double function of equipment and serve as a mirror. Or, if you love metal, solutions such as aluminum, iron and brass screens are among the most interesting, with models that are able to adapt to different types of environment. Plastic screens are also not underestimated, they are durable and available in many colors and patterns.

Style and equipped with functional and decorative screens

Room dividers can create new and unexpected corners in any your home, evoking an exotic, contemporary, romantic or vintage atmosphere. For example, a classic wooden screen is often used to furnish a corner of a home or work space. From the most common teak wood screen to the quaint bamboo screen option, screens are not only the perfect complement to interior furnishings, but also fit perfectly into a neutral space such as a garden. The selection of fabric screens is also very popular, as they allow for interesting combinations of colors and a play of nuances and contrasts, thanks to which you can adjust the room to the maximum. From linen to linen, through silk and velvet, there are also screens made of felt or technical fabric, durable and sound-absorbing. On the other hand, in the case of a modern style of furniture, it is often chosen a combination of materials that are opposing but aesthetically effective. A screen made of glass is combined with metal in many situations, because steel and glass screens are able to bring a unique accent to an environment with a modern style of furnishings.

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