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Chests and trunks

The chest is a storage space that allows you to effectively organize the space, equipping the living area with models that allow you to combine shapes and materials in an effective way. It is a piece of furniture made of two elements: a box with a lid and a bench from which it takes its name, and the double function of a container and a seat. The chest is suitable for storing various items and is therefore available in various sizes. Most classic chests are designed to fit retro-style environments, tend to be elongated in shape and are usually made of inlaid wood. On the other hand, modern crates lend themselves to original reinterpretations and therefore square models are available, with more compact proportions and designs characterized by an interesting mix of materials and colors, such as chrome trim, mirror panels and plastic inserts.

Trunks : functional and customizable furniture

The basic shape is always the same: a large trunk with a flat lid, but the personalization possibilities are almost endless. Before choosing a box, consider the dimensions, style of equipment and available space, carefully assessing all models on the market. Among them there are also modular and modular solutions that leave a lot of room for individualisation. The first distinguishing feature to consider when choosing a chest is the style of your apartment: the most modern chests are characterized by a metal structure, compact design, while classic-style chests retain the iconic look of wooden monoblock models. For several years, rustic-style chests have been used to furnish houses in a shabby style, made of pickled wood and with a vintage look. However, you do not have to fall into the trap that in modern homes you only have to integrate modern furniture, because more and more young couples in their designer apartments include traditional elements, such as an antique chest.

Antique chest: traditional piece of furniture

Chests have been equipping houses since the Middle Ages, at that time there was little equipment available, they had simple shapes and were made of common materials and easy to work with. The few valuables, especially women, were put in the right place in the most modest houses, these large trunks with the upper lid also served as a supporting surface, sometimes as a table. Over the centuries, houses have been enriched with furniture and shelves, wardrobes and chests, but the chest has never been completely replaced with new equipment, its functional aspect is certainly its secret. The classic wooden boxes are made of vertical blocks defining the four corners, longitudinal beams for the walls and flat planks for the top closure. The chest containing the goods of the family was passed on from father to son, carrying with it not only objects, but also the symbolic value of tradition. Ancient chests are a valuable piece of equipment even in modern homes, often highlighted by spotlights that illuminate them or softened by pillows, always able to blend the past with the present.

The right chest for every room in the house

< p> Trunks are generally designed for home use, they find a place in the living area usually placed against the wall when you use them to sit, in fact the wall can be used as a back support, alternatively chests with backrest are the right solution for those looking for a more comfortable seat. If we put a chest of drawers in the living room, it can instead be combined with upholstered furniture, equipping it with pillows, choosing the same fabrics and patterns, it will make the furniture more uniform and coordinated. For those who love functionality, there are crates with wheels on the market that can be easily moved and positioned in different rooms of the house, even when they are full of items. The box can also be used as a game stand in the event that there are children in the house, this cupboard can find a suitable place in the children's bedroom, in which case many brands produce varnished boxes painted in pastel colors and rounded corners. In the bedroom, you can put a chest of drawers at the foot of the bed, useful for storing bedding and blankets, so you can leave more space in the wardrobe. Who said they are only suitable for indoor use? Outdoor trunks are used not only to equip large gardens, but also balconies and terraces in the city, they are weatherproof if necessary to provide additional seating.

The right material for your chest

Thinking about the chest of drawers, we immediately imagine a solid bench with a wooden container, classic furniture that can be found in old houses, but today the needs of aesthetics and maintenance make us choose furniture made of lighter materials. Many metal crates, such as aluminum ones, are lighter and more practical, and also have a slow-closing system that makes them easier to use on a daily basis. Even the price is important when choosing a piece of furniture, chests made of wood derivatives are certainly cheaper than those made of solid wood, many possibilities of saving with less valuable materials, the end result and functionality will still be guaranteed.

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