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From the hall to the bedroom, every room in our home says a lot about us, highlights our tastes and communicates our style through the furnishing choices we make. The "Furniture" section of Archiproducts offers a wide selection of furniture for the living area, sofas and armchairs for the relaxation area, tables and chairs for the dining room, next to shelves and cabinets for books, and a rich part for the sleeping area. includes bedrooms for children.

Choosing furniture: between aesthetics and functionality

Choosing furniture for your home is, from many perspectives, a very delicate phase. Furniture actually helps us customize a space, wash it in our personal style, and even change it radically over time. But there is more to it than that. In addition to aesthetics, furniture should be selected in terms of functionality, matching all elements to the size of the space, because a good interior design can improve our everyday life. Regardless of whether we have a multi-storey villa, a loft, a tiny apartment or an attic, each house can be attractive and functional if it is properly furnished. A large house will need furniture that will make spacious spaces more attractive, and a small house will have to be equipped with functional and tailor-made elements. The choice of finishes and materials is also important. Appropriate furniture can improve the illumination of a dimly lit room, add character and style to a service room, or the functionality of a transit space. It happens that we are not 100% sure how we want to furnish a room or space and we are afraid to make choices that we might regret. In such cases, it is better to ask for help from a professional who will be able to interpret our needs and reconcile style with functionality.

Design furniture: from the living room to the sleeping area

A full interior design project includes a multitude of products, objects and models of all shapes and materials. From iconic classic-inspired pieces to more modular contemporary solutions, a furniture composition can use elements with common or contrasting characteristics to create a striking mix and match effect. In smaller apartments, often the only open space is the living area, which includes a relaxation area, a dining room and an open kitchen. Also in larger apartments, open space can be an aesthetic choice to make the spaces and their functions look more uniform and fluid. However, when renovating a historic building, it is often impossible to obtain a large common area, therefore the functions remain separate, each in a dedicated space. Depending on the available space, the relaxation area should be equipped with modular sofas, and possibly also with a corner sofa or armchairs and pouffes. The relaxation area is also a place to watch TV, usually equipped with a storage wall or a sophisticated cabinet that houses the TV. Reading enthusiasts will not deny themselves a bookcase or a system of shelves and wall cabinets. For the dining room, the choice is extremely wide, with round or rectangular tables, extendable or not, and elegant chairs available in a variety of materials and colors. As smart work becomes an increasingly alternative form of work or one that complements office work, we discovered the importance of equipping a part of your home as a home office. A desk, a chair that is maximally ergonomic for the correct posture, a chest of drawers or a bookcase. The rich offer of the sleeping area includes single and double beds, among which there are also beds with storage, very useful for storing linen or seasonal change of clothes. The furnishing of the sleeping area will be complemented by a wardrobe or a dressing room, if there is enough space, a chest of drawers and possibly bedside tables. Archiproducts also has a dedicated section for children's furniture with solutions that have been specially conceived to furnish children's and teenagers' bedrooms.

Value of a high-quality furniture

Once in a lifetime (or even more) maybe we will they had to move out and want some furniture to appear, because of their intrinsic emotional value, which goes far beyond their strict economic value. Therefore, it is better to focus on elements of equipment that will survive over time, designed and made by designers and companies that care about the quality and use of raw materials. Some pieces of furniture have gone down in design history and are now exhibited by the world's most prestigious museums; on the contrary, our home furnishings must be used on a daily basis and, to withstand the test of time, must be made with survival in mind. Choosing a designer piece of furniture means making a long-term choice that we won't have to repeat in a short time.

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