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"Unfired clay vase, when broken, may be reformed, but not baked." (Leonardo da Vinci) Garden vases decorate gardens, terraces, balconies and terraces, making them pleasant to live in, while improving the climate. Plants improve the microclimate, purify the air, regulate humidity and reduce noise. In inhabited spaces, they reduce polluting gases such as CO2, NOx, CO, SO2, O3 and atmospheric dust. Choosing the right vase for our plants determines their durability. The wrong shape, material and color can cause plants to die in no time. The first thing to consider is certainly the material. Various types of materials are available on the market: classic terracotta, plastic, metal, wood and stone. Terracotta is the most used material because clay is porous and allows water to evaporate. The pores in the clay can also leak fungi and bacteria into the vase and soil. Plastic is also a very common material because it is light and very inexpensive. Plastic is impervious to water, which can cause root rot as the soil does not drain quickly enough. Other materials such as wood, stone, and metal are preferred as vase holders rather than plant holders. The second factor to consider is size. If the vase is too small, the plant will suffer, and if it is too large, you will have to use too much water. Nurserymen say you choose a vase based on the growth rate of the plant, so you get more information about the plant when you buy it. Color is also important. A light color will reflect sunlight making the earth cooler, while a darker colored vase will absorb sunlight making the inside of the vase warmer. Ask the nurseryman who is the best compromise between the right color and good looks.


"The most beautiful thing in nature, a flower, still has its roots in soil and manure." (DH Lawrence) Plants play a major role in our garden, whether we are talking about a garden, patio, patio or balcony. They not only enhance the aesthetics of these spaces, but also improve the climate by regulating the level of humidity and absorbing the latent heat from the outside space in summer. Moreover, plants can act as privacy screens. To maintain them properly, you need pots that can hold the roots while emphasizing the beauty of the leaves. Pots are an extension of ordinary vases. They are designed to create vegetation belts consisting of more than one plant. Since they are larger than regular vases, they are usually made of more resistant materials to withstand the pressure of the soil in them. The materials used are concrete, GRC, reinforced plastic or metal. When choosing the material, take into account whether you want to move the pot or leave it in a fixed position. In the first case, choose a reinforced plastic or fiberglass pot, maybe with wheels. In the latter case, you can choose any material you like.

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