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Not replica Foscarini Twiggy

The Foscarini Twiggy Lighting collection is a modern yet vibrant lighting solution for any space. It draws inspiration from the natural world and gives a playful, contemporary twist to traditional items.

The collection includes various sizes and shapes, which allows for an individual look. These elements have slender metal frames combined with a material that creates a unique play of light, allowing direct and indirect lighting. The different shades of color add vibrancy and lightness that make it feel modern and contemporary.

The overall look of the Foscarini Twiggy Lighting Collection is subtle in its simplicity. It takes the adaptable concept of a traditional lampshade and updates it to suit modern and contemporary lifestyles. This series is ideal for those who want to give their home an individual character, while maintaining a sense of class and elegance.

This collection tries to get rid of rigid design rules, instead offering a flexible and dynamic solution that allows for personal expression. It's a great way to add a touch of style and fun to any space, and its versatility ensures it will easily fit into any style of home.

All in all, the Foscarini Twiggy Lighting collection is both stylish and unique. Its modern lines and vibrant colors provide the perfect backdrop for your home. Its versatility and adaptability allow you to create a look that is both practical and aesthetic, proving that modern lighting doesn't have to be boring.


How much is Foscarini Twiggy

Products inspired by the Foscarini Twiggy collection cost an average of 2982 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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