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Garden poles

Lighting means highlighting something, whether it's an open or closed space. Bollard lamps meet this need, illuminate patios, gardens, balconies, driveways and are a great way to create unique and fascinating environments. Adequate lighting is essential for outdoor living, even at night. These lights are supposed to illuminate, yes, but not excessively. By installing light poles, the light tends to illuminate only certain parts of the alley, sidewalk or garden and leaves the rest of the surroundings in the dark.

Types of light bars

Poles can be defined as accessories to the equipment that they are part of the lighting world and can be made of a variety of materials. You can find metal posts that are more in keeping with the modern style. There are wooden poles for a more classic style. They are mostly parallelepiped-shaped, but the design of these objects can be very innovative and for this reason the shapes are the most varied. They can be low, tall, round or square, with multiple or single bodies. There is also the option of having solar powered poles and getting closer to the concept of ecological sustainability. Additionally, the posts can be made of synthetic or cement materials and have glass decorations. Designer lighting poles can be considered important replacements for classic floor lamps. Recently, a new type of LED bar is becoming more and more popular. They are very convenient to install and can also be carried. Yes, because in most cases the pegs are driven directly into the lawn, into the ground.

How to choose the right light pole?

If you want a modern style, the posts that best meet these requirements, they must be made of metal. Whether it's ups or downs, it doesn't matter, the main thing is that they are original and have inventive shapes. If you are looking for a more calm and romantic style, the most suitable lighting poles are linear and classic, which bring to mind the world of ancient lanterns. They need to radiate warm light to create a familiar environment. The style is of course determined by the decorator or the person who decides to buy these lighting devices. They must have two main characteristics: they must be practical and they must be technical. Practical in installation and technical in terms of the emitted light. Another important aspect to consider is energy conservation. Poles, especially those intended for public spaces, but also those that are set up in private places, must be illuminated at night for a long time to fulfill their function. Therefore, you should not risk big bills. Therefore, they must be selected so that they guarantee safety and economic savings. This will depend on the number of stakes and where they are placed. Another factor that should not be excluded is the material. This plays an important role not only from an aesthetic and stylistic point of view. Lighting poles are outdoor devices and therefore have to withstand the weather and endure without altering their light function. They must be impervious to dust and water in case of bad weather. The most popular materials for these implementations are in fact cast iron, stainless steel and aluminum. Of course, there are also wooden appliances, but they need to be replaced more often. The world opens up when it comes to LED lighting poles. Unlike conventional halogen lighting systems, LED poles provide more convenience during installation. They also provide additional benefits in terms of service life: for example, they provide more autonomy; in addition, the maintenance costs of LED bulbs are lower. Traditional and LED systems are then surrounded by light poles capable of self-powering, we are talking about street lamps that use solar energy. To function properly, they need a battery that must be charged during the day by the sun's rays and then provide light at night.

Lighting posts and their location

Rustic, classic and modern lighting that will make the external space of your apartment, room or villa shine. In fact, the light posts are also great spots for all restaurants and clubs with swimming pools that allow you to enjoy their food outdoors in summer. Again, they are used not only in private spaces, but also in the streets, we can see light poles that fulfill their function in large spaces such as parks and public gardens. In addition, these lighting devices not only create a unique atmosphere, illuminate the pool, but also have the gift of ensuring safety. Yes, because if they are also used in public places, we will all be safer to walk on alleys and lighted roads.

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