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The lighting product category covers a wide range of solutions designed for any space, from residential to public, suitable for both interior and exterior. Luminaires, although considered to be elements of interior design, are of decisive importance for shaping the style, adding comfort, decorating and illuminating the room with artificial light. The choice of lamps must necessarily proceed from a good lighting design that is able to ensure functionality, aesthetics and well-being at the same time. Each environment and area of ​​a home or building requires specific lighting, which may include different types of lamps. The Lighting section at Archiproducts offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor lamps to help you develop your home lighting design and guide designers to effective solutions for all needs.

Lighting, innovative design solutions on time

Nowadays, environmental responsibility and sustainable development are topics that have a greater impact on decisions made by companies in the furniture industry. Luminaire manufacturers face a twofold challenge, because in addition to trying to reduce the environmental impact of every aspect of their business, they need to design new innovative products that can lower energy consumption. This is the case with lamps with a light source in LED technology, or solutions of the latest generation using OLED displays. However, there are also such innovative solutions aimed at reducing consumption in lamps with traditional light sources - such as halogen or fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps and so on. Design lamps are a choice that goes with the times, because they are products designed using more and more innovative materials and technologies. Moreover, many brands offer in their catalogs reinterpretations of unique works, adapting them to current needs. Not only style and aesthetics, but the environment also have a positive impact on designer lamps.

Indoor lighting: a solution for every room

For an indoor lighting design to work well, each environment needs to be broken down into specific areas, whether it's a home, office, or public space. The decision on the lighting typology has to be based on different needs. Possible lighting effects range from diffused lighting projected onto the surroundings, to accent lighting that can be achieved with direct light lamps. Diffused lighting is the result of soft lights placed at different points in the room, with a studied combination of wall lamps, intermediate ceiling lamps, floor lamps, often fitted with translucent lamp shades that distribute soft light. Another very effective solution are LED linear lighting profiles, which can be useful to emphasize a specific geometry in a room or furniture. Recessed spotlights, LED furniture strips and pendant lights with direct light cast directional light, perfect for increasing visibility on the kitchen counter, table, bathroom furniture, while table lamps are great for lighting a study or work area. Archiproducts also offers solutions for lighting offices and public places, ranging from single luminaires and versatile busbar systems, to sophisticated acoustic lamps, which in addition to lighting contribute to the sound insulation of the environment. In addition to functionality, the lighting also has a decorative function, helping to create a cozy and tailored atmosphere. Light letters give a pop and artistic touch to hallways, kitchens, children's bedrooms and open spaces.

From garden to landscape, outdoor lighting solutions

The range of outdoor lighting products is wide and varied and allows you to create designs of all genres, from balconies to landscapes. A good design of outdoor lighting must take into account various factors, primarily those relating to safety and resistance to various loads to which the external environment is subjected. Once this necessary condition is met, all other functional and aesthetic problems can be resolved. Each outdoor space has its own needs related to size, function and location. In general, outdoor lamps can be divided into two main categories: luminaires designed to illuminate outdoor residential areas or to enhance facades, walkways, landscapes. In fact, gardens and terraces can be used as if they were an extension of the indoor environment, planning an outdoor dining area, an outdoor kitchen, a relaxation area and much more. The choice, not so much different from what we make for interiors, includes hanging lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, garland lights and lanterns. Another discourse should be held in relation to lighting projects of a broader scope, aimed at both external lighting at night and enhancing the architectural and landscape values. The starting point is the illumination of the entrance to the house, choosing from wall or ceiling lamps, possibly equipped with a motion sensor for greater safety. To illuminate and increase the safety of outdoor paths such as walkways, stairs and ramps, lighting posts, garden lamps, step markers and recessed spotlights can be used along low or high walls. In the outdoor lighting section of Archiproducts, we also offer a range of products for public spaces for projects related to urban decoration, architectural or landscape projects, from street lamps to profiles for outdoor linear lighting and outdoor floodlights.

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