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Gerard Masdeu Jordà was a young entrepreneur with great vision and a passion for design. In 1969, using his father's mechanical experience and his brother's help, he set up a small company in a workshop in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Girona Province (Spain).

Since its inception, Estiluz has been designing, developing, producing and distributing high-quality decorative lighting products. The company's elegant, functional and timeless designs, excellent materials and finishes, and product engineering have made it a global pioneer in the lighting industry. It currently has regional sales offices in Paris (1991), New York (1993) and Frankfurt (2002).

Estiluz carries out all industrialization, production and assembly processes in its own plant. She has always tried to stand out by offering special products and impeccable service.

Design is part of the Estiluz culture. It is an internalized value shared by the entire organization that is reflected in everything we do. Design is a life concept in constant evolution and Estiluz has spent a lot of time thinking about his design strategy, going far beyond product aesthetics and brand image.

Estiluz began an internal transformation in his organization and facilities to become a laboratory creating innovative solutions in lighting, respecting society and the environment, and aimed at a general audience.

Estiluz is considered one of the most charismatic brands in avant-garde industrial lighting and has been recognized internationally, receiving an award in the European competition Design Management Award 2010 and Delta Award 2012 for the originality of its Balloon lamp.

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