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Not replica Foscarini Spokes

The Foscarini Spokes lighting collection is modern, expressive and fits into any space. The collection's unique design features an industrial yet seamless look that blends easily with any décor. The design is inspired by industrial wheels and comes with exposed bulbs and integrated LED lighting. Each piece of Spokes is handmade and uses anti-glare properties and direct/indirect light sources.

The Foscarini Spokes pendant lamp is a unique yet stylish addition to any living space. The distinctive design features intersecting circles that mix and match to create a striking silhouette. When the light is on, the luminaire creates a beautiful light show that adds a modern touch to interiors. Its adjustable suspension height is a perfect match for integrated and exposed bulbs, providing the perfect light in any space.

In addition, the Foscarini range of spokes are available in several colors, styles and sizes (upon request), all of which provide customizable lighting options. The pendant lamps are available in different colors, from matt white to metallic grey. Each offers a unique mix of direct and indirect lighting that is ideal for illuminating both small and large areas.

Finally, the Foscarini Spokes collection is built with the highest quality materials for superior design and optimal performance. The luminaires are made of a corrosion-resistant steel frame and high-efficiency diffusers. The combination of these materials ensures that each piece is weatherproof, easy to maintain and durable. The Foscarini Spokes lighting collection is perfect for any environment, and its elegant, modern design is sure to uplift any interior.

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