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Pendant lamps / chandeliers

Lighting is a key element in the home. In the kitchen, bedroom and also in the living room, pendant lamps are essential to add a subtle touch to your home like no other. Universal and made in countless shapes, the pendant lamps illuminate in a functional way, making any room look charming, comfortable and inviting. Once used as candlesticks, pedant lamps have evolved into more than just a simple object used to illuminate a room. Pendant lamps are now believed to be impressive and stand out as a decorative element, even when turned off. Moreover, following the lighting revolution focused on energy saving, most pendant luminaires are designed for use with LED lights. Hanging lamps are extremely sophisticated products, an object of constant stylistic experiments, with a design inspired by current trends to complement spaces decorated in a contemporary atmosphere. Designed to strategically illuminate any space, pendant lamps vary depending on the activities performed at the site of installation, including preparing meals together, relaxing or hospitality. This allows you to play with sizes, colors and materials, and create lighting effects that emit light vibrations to create a pleasant and soothing atmosphere, stimulating concentration or shedding light on the cooking area while preparing food.

Materials and different styles of lamps hanging

Before choosing a model of a hanging lamp, you should carefully study the space and consider what kind of lighting effect you want to achieve in the room. Once this is done, you can evaluate the design that best suits the surrounding furnishing style. In this sense, materials play a key role. For example, a glass pendant lamp allows you to play with opacity and transparency, which alternately create the final light effect. With a striking visual effect, metal lamps are available in many typologies and finishes that can add style from golden glam to industrial black and make them easily adaptable to modern and classic interiors. Modern chandeliers made of plastic correspond to light solutions in which bizarre lines meet more traditional shapes, like in suspended balls. Wood, paper, natural stone, rubber or fabric models are listed to suit all requirements and styles. Perfect for lighting an office space or dining table, hanging lamps with direct light allow you to cast accent light on specific objects or parts of a space. An additional level of personalization can be achieved with pivoting pendant lamps that allow you to direct the luminaires towards the corners of the room or the furnishings you want to emphasize.

The right model of pendant lamps to match your space

Available there are different models of pendant lamps. They are characterized by specific parameters, sizes and shapes of the housing. At all times, world-renowned designers have focused on the design of pendant lamps, giving life to true modern icons. In recent years, the aesthetics of this element has been gradually simplified and in many cases the bulb itself has become the source and body of the lamp. Fabric lampshades are perfect for those looking for a more classic and elegant effect, while wood or metal chandeliers are in most cases the best choice for lighting a dining room or living room. In order to select the appropriate lighting fixture, you should also take into account the power consumption and the type of light used. If the pendant lamp is to be used intensively and repeatedly turned on and off during the day, the use of LED pendant lights is recommended. If you want to add warmth and coziness, the pendant lamps with direct and indirect light can cast light both up and down thanks to the shape of the fixture. This will also contribute to the visual enlargement of the room. For a more intense, warm and natural-looking light, halogen lamps are the best solution.

Decorate with hanging lamps

Hanging lamps can be used in many places around the home, not just in rooms with high ceiling, but also in small rooms. Just apply a few tricks to make small spaces appear larger. Ceiling-mounted pendant lamps cast a soft and diffused glow. It is often believed that hanging lamps will meet all needs, and thanks to their designs and materials of exceptional aesthetic value, they can be treated as ordinary elements of equipment and at the same time decorative. Hanging lamps can be used alone or in combination with other light sources such as floor lamps or spotlights. In oversize rooms, they can be hung in pairs, for example to illuminate a long rectangular table in the dining room or hall. For a more dramatic stage effect, more pendant lamps can be attached to the ceiling, especially if they are not too large or bulky. Size can indeed vary drastically, ranging from larger fixtures like chandeliers to those shaped like spotlights. The proportions are the starting point for choosing the right lamp; this needs to illuminate the entire room without creating disturbing shadow areas. The length of the cable is also important, as well as the possibility of its adjustment. For example, height-adjustable lamps are useful above the kitchen counter to illuminate the surface on which food is prepared. For the dining room, we recommend chandeliers with dimmers to be able to regulate the intensity of the light beam during meals or conversations.

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