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Indoor lighting

Having perfect lighting in a room is as fundamental as furnishing it. The light allows you to fully enjoy the space, create an evocative atmosphere and perform your favorite activities, such as reading a nice book, cooking or gathering at the table, even in the evening hours. Sometimes the perfect light can give spaces a new soul by changing them. By playing around with different points of light, you can visually divide an area into two and distinguish each zone according to their use, even without having to physically separate them. Moreover, by placing the optimal lighting element in the right place in the room, you can highlight a detail, fill an empty space, harmonize furniture, emphasize modern design or accentuate classic design.

How to choose the perfect lamp?

In addition to fulfilling their basic function, indoor lamps are getting closer and closer to the concept of designer objects, which are focal points in a room to give it character. This makes them unique, stylistically rich elements that can both furnish and brighten the space, but also give a distinctive, innovative and personal character to your home, workplace or spaces related to the HoReCa industry. Therefore, choosing a lamp becomes a way to express your own taste, talent and creativity. In this decision-making process, the first factors to assess are the area where the light spot will be placed, its position and the function it will perform. Then it becomes necessary to define the typology of lamps. In this sense, the possibilities are endless; you can choose from gorgeous pendant lamps, innovative wall or table lamps, recessed lamps or spotlights, as well as practical floor lamps. Having defined this aspect, you can let your imagination run wild, choosing from lamps that differ in design, styles, shapes, portability, functionality, colors and materials. The attention to detail of the design will literally shed new light on this area, emphasizing its style.

The friendly touch of wall lamps

Each space requires careful analysis that leads to the selection of the most appropriate lighting. From the type of lighting element to its correct location; from the right light temperature of the lamps to the emphasis on certain areas rather than others. Entrance, walkway with outdoor space and the first room visible upon entry, corridor; all must be properly lit for safe passage and entry. Therefore, it is recommended to throw diffused light by installing wall lamps. These lamps can emit light without taking up space in the rooms, because spotlights and sconces can decorate the wall without cluttering it or obstructing movement. You can choose from classic or modern lamps, made of natural or technologically advanced materials, in more discreet colors that blend in with the colors of the wall, or more bizarre, eye-catching ones. You can even choose from lamps with a minimalist, neat and essential silhouette, or more impressive ones that create visual effects wherever they are placed. Along corridors and internal stairs, in private buildings as well as in commercial spaces, steplights are the perfect lighting solution. With their delicate but meaningful presence, they create illuminated paths, ensuring complete safety in movements.

Use ceiling lamps to shed light on delicious dishes

In a kitchen where light is a working tool and not only an element of equipment, it is necessary to find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. It doesn't matter if the kitchen is quite large or very small, if not a kitchenette. Ceiling lights are a great choice to add value to this space. They take up less space than pendant lamps, but also create a fascinating lighting atmosphere. If we wish to evoke a special experience by playing with light and shadow, it will be possible to install only one ceiling lamp. Otherwise, it is possible to draw shapes on the ceiling by attaching groups of ceiling lights.

The heart of the house is bright with the hanging lamps

The kitchen is often the heart of the house. So what's better than a central pendant lamp to spice up the table around which the family gathers? Be it simple hanging light bulbs or full blown chandeliers, stretching straight from the ceiling, they provide a clear view and light that perfectly illuminates the surroundings. Hanging lamps are very versatile light sources. Easily adaptable to all your needs, they offer an endless range of models of all sizes and shapes, with a multitude of finishes, materials and styles, from the more classic to the most contemporary with clean essential lines. To illuminate every corner of the room, pendant lamps can be combined with other light sources such as spotlights, floor lamps and table lamps.

Floor lamps, modern sculptures for the living room

To create warm and a cozy feeling in the living room, you can choose a chandelier designed to strike and amaze even with the lights off; however, the floor lamps remain the real heroes. They are not only meant to be functional objects, but also become the focal point in the room, defining the surroundings and characterizing its atmosphere. Being unattached, they can be moved around to bring light where you like it best. Thanks to their versatility, they can also add value to forgotten corners of the room, creating unexpected light spots. The floor lamp becomes a designer lamp which, when turned off, outlines the space around it like a sculpture, but when lit, it enriches and decorates it.

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