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Garden armchairs and footstools

Choosing the right furniture is essential to enjoy your outdoor space and share it with family and friends. Matching the sofa, coffee table and pouffe, garden armchairs create the final result of the exterior design with models that mix materials and colors in a fun way. From contoured armchairs for moments of sheer bliss, to sleeker lines of more modest dimensions, creating compact models that fit best in smaller spaces; the choice is wide and rich in options of sizes, shapes and materials. Needless to say, designer garden armchairs, with their refinement, are also used in the outdoor space as a decorative element, and not only because of their functionality. In recent years, technological innovations in the field of textiles and construction have made it possible to bring the upholstery outside without fear of exposure to the sun and weather conditions. Such technical advances have motivated manufacturing companies to bring large-size items such as sofas outside as well. Regardless of the arrangement and features of the outdoor space, the assessment of the materials, design and context in which the restoration will be inserted is the first step in choosing a garden chair.

Equip your outdoor space with comfortable and functional garden armchairs

Tailored to the needs of those who can enjoy the greenery or reasonable space on the terrace, garden armchairs are a perfect solution for spending whole days or just some moments surrounded by nature and touched by the summer sun, just enjoying the breeze, curling up in a ball with a nice book, or fun in good company. The choice will definitely have to be functional and take into account the available space. The offer is so wide that you can find a model for every taste and need. If the space on the balcony or terrace is limited, you can opt for stackable or foldable armchairs that are easy to hide after use. Whether your space is small or large enough, garden armchairs are a great addition to your outdoor furnishing design with models that combine functionality and style. Upholstered garden armchairs play with the volume of cushions on the seat and backrest. A similar, but more original option is offered by inflatable garden chairs or the iconic beanbag. Garden armchairs with removable cover allow you to create chromatic combinations and change the look of this complement at any time thanks to a variety of cover patterns. After all, the garden rocking chair will contribute to creating a unique relaxing atmosphere thanks to the deep, comfortable seat.

Garden armchairs: materials and styles that will enhance your garden

When decorating your outdoor living room it is important to balance materials, design and size. For example, wooden garden armchairs are often chosen because of the high resistance of this material to weather conditions and because it fits perfectly with the green landscape. The seat structure can be made of slats or a unique wooden board. The wood is deliberately kept in its natural state to emphasize its beauty, without the use of other substances. It goes without saying that, depending on the type of wood from which the armchair is made, you can choose from lighter to darker nuances. This addition is usually selected in conjunction with other garden furniture, also in terms of color. On the other hand, aluminum, which is a highly ductile material, can be braided and processed in a variety of ways while maintaining its lightness. The lightness of this material makes aluminum garden armchairs easy to move, washed even with only water and finds them in a wide range of shades. In some cases, garden armchairs can even replace sofas when the available space is not that large. Another classic material is wrought iron. The price of this armchair will be quite high as it is a supplement made with great care. The material is extremely beautiful and therefore does not need to be cushioned to make the seat attractive. Plastic garden armchairs, such as printed polyester or glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene, allow you to decorate your surroundings with innovative shapes and weather-resistant products. If you prefer to opt for a more classic line of outdoor furniture, even one contemporary piece - an armchair for example - can help to liven up and update your surroundings with an original twist. If you are passionate about outdoor development, you cannot miss this type of armchair in your garden. Indestructible and comfortable, beautiful in appearance and use; almost "delicate", this armchair is a piece of furniture that will enrich the entire space, attracting the attention of all your guests.

Equipping the garden with garden armchairs for all needs

To best develop your outdoor design you have to start with the seats. They need to be comfortable, relaxing and easy to carry. Depending on your specific need, you can choose from classic garden armchairs or armchairs with more innovative and modern lines, hanging models or with integrated lighting, with headrests, armrests, footrests or with integrated magazine shelves. Garden armchairs combine all these features in one set and complete the surroundings, adding character and style for moments of pure peace in contact with nature.

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