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Inspired by Marcel Wanders

About Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is a leading product and interior design studio based in Amsterdam, the creative capital, with its mission of "creating an environment of love, living with passion and making our most exciting dreams come true". In 31 years, the design and communication specialists in the studio have realized over 1,900 iconic experiences worldwide for private clients and premium brands such as Alessi, Baccarat, Bisazza, Christofle, Kosé Corporation / Decorté, Flos, KLM, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, LH&E Group, Louis Vuitton, Miramar Group, Morgans Hotel Group, Puma and many more.

Founded by Marcel Wanders, under the direction and creative direction of Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave, the 52-strong design team brings humanity back into design, ushering in a "new era" of design where designer, craftsman and user reunite. The studio shapes the design industry with a more romantic and humanistic design thinking, respecting the past and diversity of cultures.

Design approach

Marcel Wanders, rooted in a humanist perspective, returns humanity to the technocratic world of design, introducing what he calls "the modern renaissance of humanism." It creates a reality where the designer, craftsman, and user feel welcome and embraced. With each new project, Marcel Wanders escapes the dogmas of design, preferring to focus on wholeness, romanticism, surreal, archetypal rather than technocratic. In this universe, the chill of industrialism is replaced by poetry, fantasy and romance from different eras, vividly animated in the contemporary moment. The work of Marcel Wanders excites, provokes and polarizes, but never ceases to surprise, celebrate and entertain. Considered by many to be an anomaly in the world of design, its mission is to create an environment full of love, living with passion and making our most exciting dreams come true.

Product design

Marcel Wanders' studio regularly works with world famous brands to create smart and sustainable products, from single pieces of home furnishings to iconic, custom collections. For us, design reaches its peak when it manifests in the least expected way and evokes an emotional, involuntary response of joy and enlightenment. From home products to one-of-a-kind items and collections, we strive to bring new products to market that reveal cultural innovation and a lasting perspective, creating items that will be treasured forever and at the same time fit perfectly into people's lives. Our approach is to move from materialism to conceptualism and combine the true backward design goal of meaningful connection. Our product design is unexpected, bold, bold and luxurious. In all our activities, we try to bring human character back into design, while defining a creative luxury that begins where functionality ends.


How much is Marcel Wanders Big Ben Bianco

Products inspired by the Marcel Wanders Big Ben Bianco collection cost an average of 86135 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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