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Cini & amp; Nils was founded in Milan in 1969 on the initiative of two famous designers, Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi, who wanted to present their designs directly to the public. From the very beginning, the designer duo offers items inspired by the perfect Italian craftsmanship tradition and the minimalist and functional style of Finnish design. At the historic headquarters of Viale Certosa, the two founders draw products that have gone down in design history, such as sets for bars, tables and desks, a revolving magazine holder, and a gaming table, some of which are in the permanent MoMa collections in New York. The turning point came in 1972 with the Cuboluce project, signed by Franco Bettonica, which marked the company's entry into the lighting sector, a future production center. Passion and dedication, research and innovation combined with the values ​​"made in Italy" have made Cini & amp; Nils one of the leading companies in this field in the world. The careful design is combined with high quality standards, which are primarily aimed at the well-being of the users of the luminaires. In addition to the iconic objects that have been created since the seventies, the Cini & amp; Nils catalog includes new generation products, which are the result of continuous research conducted by the company's research and development laboratory on LED and IoT technologies.

Iconic lamps that made history of Cini & amp; Nils The iconic product par excellence of the Cini & amp; Nils catalog is undoubtedly the Cuboluce table lamp, an idea as simple as it is revolutionary. The lamp is inserted into a technopolymer cube and is turned on or off by opening and closing the lid. Designed for reading in bed, Cuboluce emits a concentrated beam of light for orientation thanks to the cover that acts as a reflector. In addition to the Classic version, Cuboluce is available in the Cuboluce Led, Cuboluce Wireless and special Cuboluce Britto editions, dressed in artwork by artist Romeo Britto, and Cuboluce Special Edition 2020, designed to provide specific help in the fight against Covid- 19.
Collection Gradi, designed by Mario Melocchi and Franco Bettonica, appeared in 1990. The timeless design makes this series of lamps always up to date, so much so that the company offers them again in the catalog in the new LED versions. Simple and elegant, the Gradi consists of a semicircular steel bracket to which an illuminating body is attached, consisting of a tiny cylinder of borosilicate glass and enamel. Gradi is available in Minisoffitto LED and Miniparete LED versions and in a range with halogen lamps.
The Tenso and MiniTenso collections developed since the beginning of the 90s are real practical and functional lighting systems, which have been enriched with new functions over time. The ancestor of the Tenso 2500W is the first 230V cable system, improved on the Tensofariuno model, without a transformer for accent lighting and Tensofaridue, with two points. The strength of the Tenso system lies in mounting accessories such as the Tensoclic, which allow rails to be attached to cables with a simple click. Thanks to the contribution of the designer Luty Bettonica, the collection has been enriched with several versions, such as the MiniTensoOnirico, equipped with linear halogen lamps with a minimalist mood, and TensEsterni, with iridescent or transparent stage balls for outdoor lighting.

Cini & amp; Nils combined LED luminaires, new generation Since 2013, Cini & amp; Nils has been undergoing a new course, creating new products with advanced LED technology, which also adapt the iconic elements from the catalog. The renewal was continued with the extension of the offer dedicated to the contract sector and the introduction of IoT technology for the smart home. The Assolo collection, designed by Luta Bettonica, emphasizes the original shape of the circle and creates two opposing semicircles of light when lit. The collection includes indoor lamps, available in the following versions: ceiling lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, pendant lamp, table lamp and Assolo Outdoor wall lamp.
Born of creativity February Bettonica, Acqua ceiling lamp is a miracle that combines aesthetics , functionality and flexibility, features that won him three international awards: the Miaw award at the Muuuz International Awards 2015 in the Lighting category, Special Mention at the Codega Award 2016, Best of Category Lighting in the Lighting category, Design Awards 2016. Acqua is a modular lamp made of in die-cast aluminum and composed of modules, available in 5 finishes that can be combined with each other thanks to the quick insertion. The version with suspension, thanks to special accessories, is surrounded by a standing version. The luminaire is LED dimmable and is supplied in Downlight versions for downlighting and Uplight for upward diffused light. Both bodies can be combined to create countless compositions and lighting effects.
Luta Bettonica continues to explore the shape of the circle, creating the Passepartout collection that follows the shape of the ring. Elegant and essential, the Passepartout is available in wall, pendant and floor versions. The steel disc is available in a variety of finishes, enameled in red, white or black, or in copper, brass and chrome steel.
Passepartout, along with the lamps from the Fludd and StiloSospeso collections, are equipped with wireless technology and can be controlled with voice devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Casambi and Dali. The new Sestessa led collection includes lamps with a sculptural shape and a wavy surface that creates a captivating light and shade effect. It is available in ceiling, floor, wall and pendant versions, available in a variety of sizes and colors upon request.

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