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Vertigo Pendant

The light, organic shape of the Vertigo Pendant by Petite Friture feels as if it is floating in mid-air. It twists and drifts on the air currents in a room, as if it were blowing in the wind. Designer Constance Guisset used her signature whimsical style to create a light fixture designed to embrace the people in the room and create an intimate atmosphere. The fiberglass and polyurethane structure casts an array of shadows on the walls, heightening the drama of this versatile pendant.

Perhaps best known for its approach to contemporary and sustainable lighting, Petite Friture has earned a reputation for elegant, functional lighting. Petite Friture's collections range from eclectic LED pendant systems with a mid-century modern flair to geometric floor lamps that beautifully diffuse light in any space. An award-winning lighting and home decor brand, Petite Friture has earned a strong reputation among consumers, designers and contractors alike for its ready-made and custom fixtures.

Vertigo Pendant Lamp

The Vertigo Pendant Lamp by Petite Friture is a cabinet lamp that wraps around, reducing the space to an intimate atmosphere. With an extremely ultra-light fiberglass construction, air currents cause it to slightly lose its balance and slowly rotate. Vertigo appears to float in the air, and when the light is on, the fixture creates a pattern of shadows on the walls.

World-renowned lighting and décor brand, Petite Friture, offers an impressive range of contemporary lighting collections made from sustainable materials while maintaining the eye-catching style that contemporary interiors demand. Petite Friture's collections include stunning pendant lamps made from sustainable materials such as eco-friendly steel and aluminum (in the Vertigo Pendant version), as well as wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps with sleek, modern profiles. With the introduction of the Vertigo Nova, Unseen and Mediterranea collections, Petite Friture fixtures incorporate the latest LED lighting technology to increase durability.

Pendant lamps

The Petite Friture story began with the exclusive Vertigo pendant lamp collection by Constance Guisset. Ten years later, our catalog has grown to include a wide range of collections that reflect the desire for things that are almost ephemeral. Discover or rediscover our designer pendant lamps as simple or complex pendants or chandeliers. Our desire is that they remain an integral part of your interiors for years to come.

Pendant lamp made of movable struts

Vertigo Petite Friture is a large and extremely light pendant lamp designed by designer Constance Guisset. Not only is the weight light, but so is the look of the lamp. Vertigo consists of many movable struts that cast a diffused pattern of shadows when illuminated with light.

Due to its light weight of only 500 grams and its considerable size of about 2 meters, Vertigo moves gently in the rhythm of the wind. In a stream of air, the lamp rotates slowly and appears to flow, while the flexible shade tilts and bends at the same time. With its curved shape, Vertigo visually surrounds the area below and creates a peaceful and intimate atmosphere through its gentle movements.

Despite its size, Vertigo by designer Constance Guisset is neither heavy nor bulky. The lamp's lightweight construction consists of fiberglass, steel and polyurethane. Vertigo is offered in a variety of colors by French manufacturer Petite Friture.

Petite Friture Vertigo S 140 cm

Petite Friture Vertigo Pendant Lamp Description Thanks to its extremely lightweight fiberglass structure, the Vertigo pendant lamp appears to float in the air and moves slightly with gusts of air, creating a play of shadows when the light is on. The Vertigo pendant lamp by Parisian designer Constance Guisset is handmade and is suitable for retrofit E27 LED bulbs with a maximum output of 12W.

Vertigo small pendant lamp

Incredibly graphic and ethereal, the Vertigo pendant by Petite Friture is a luminous sculpture by Constance Guisset. This small version (Ø 140 cm) is designed to give any space a unique and phenomenal presence. The visual effect is very strong... Endowed with real emotional power, this extremely light, moving suspension (less than 500g) floats freely in space and gently twists under the influence of air currents... Such a capelin, its mysterious and enveloping shape suggests a space of intimacy. A true "cabin lamp", it naturally blends into its surroundings, delineating an almost transparent graphic space, as if suspended between the floor and ceiling.... Adjustable in height, it adapts to different configurations! The Vertigo lamp amplifies light and, when lit, casts a beautiful shaded pattern on the surrounding walls. The distribution of the source allows for both intense and diffused lighting. Composed of iron, fiberglass and polyurethane, the suspension is the result of an extraordinary work on shape, volume, material... A truly remarkable design, produced to the highest quality standards. The lamp does not require assembly. It is delivered assembled.

Small Friture Lighting

Founded in 2009 by Amélie du Passage, passionate about design and contemporary art, the French brand Petite Friture immediately found its place in the sophisticated world of international design. All about delicacy and poetry, the Petite Friture brand publishes unparalleled light creations such as the Vertigo suspension signed by designer Constance Guisset or the Tidelight lamp. Sleek curves, carefully considered proportions, meticulously selected materials and finishes: the Petite Friture creations know how to evoke unique emotions in those who contemplate them, like a work of art. According to the founder: "If design is definitely an art that moves with its beauty, it remains an accessible art; because in addition to its beauty, it has a practical sense". New for 2019: the Mediterranea collection expands and welcomes two new finishes: black and white.


How much is Petite Friture Vertigo

Products inspired by the Petite Friture Vertigo collection cost an average of 2775 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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