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Driveway luminaires

Terrace and ground lighting is a modern and attractive way to give the garden the appearance of the 21st century. They are a fun way to add value and style to your outdoor patio surfaces. This type of lighting solution is a very effective additional protection when illuminating garden paths. If you are looking for driveway lighting, it is important to remember that NOT all ground lights can withstand run over. You can also get an artistic effect with them by adding them strategically under trees and other interesting areas in your garden. All deck and ground lights are walkable. However, some are more versatile than others, the question is:

How comprehensive is the deck or ground lighting needed?

If you are simply looking for lamps to be installed on your patio, you can start by looking at our IP44 protection section. This rating means that these lights are protected against solid objects larger than 1mm, splash water and rain. However, they are not protected against dust. This type of lighting may not be suitable for dusty garden paths.

Very versatile?

Are you looking for light that is durable enough to be installed in any part of your garden? If so, the IP65-rated lights are not only completely protected against dust, but also against water jets from all directions.

Very, very versatile?

Some of our deck lamps and above ground, they are suitable for submersion in water up to a depth of 1 meter. Perfect for installation in ponds and fountains. IP67-rated lamps are completely protected against dust and the effects of immersion in a radius of 15cm to 1m.

Incredibly versatile?

Many of our deck and ground lamps are IP68 rated, which means they are completely protected against dust and long periods of immersion under pressure. This makes them also suitable for installation in a swimming pool. As you can see, our range of deck and ground lamps have different levels of durability. It is very important to consider where your lights will be installed and what they have to endure. For more information, see our top tips for choosing onboard and ground lighting. At, we have many types of lighting solutions; you will surely find something that suits your needs.

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