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Mirrors turn all objects, furniture and people around them into heroes, often becoming protagonists of the spaces and environments in which they are placed. When used strategically, they are placed in all possible environments, confirming their transverse nature in the home environment such as bars, restaurants and accommodation facilities. On the other hand, as purely decorative elements, designer mirrors are almost jewels with shiny finishes and more or less noble materials. For simple or more complex shapes, designers and manufacturers are successful in using classic mirror glass or glass in various color variants. All this to best characterize an object born with a simple function, but now used for a variety of needs.

A mirror as a window to the world

As with the view in the heart of the city, it pretends to be them to close many scenes, giving light yet a sense of the depth and grandeur of the environment in which they are placed. Mirrors can look like complementary objects, not as characters. However, they can contribute to the characterization of all spaces. Wall mirrors in particular are strategic in furniture: from the most classic interiors like the bathroom to narrower spaces like corridors and connecting areas.

Mirrors, not just decoration

being simple pieces of furniture, be it for makeup or dressing up, mirrors always offer important and necessary help. Bathroom mirrors are an indispensable element in these daily activities. For small spaces, you can insert long mirrors integrated with the door or wardrobe door to get large reflective surfaces with practicality. However, in large rooms, free-standing mirrors are the perfect combination of style and practicality.

A mirror for every need

The possibilities of personalizing this type of furniture are endless. In particular, framed mirrors can come in an endless variety of styles, thanks to the use of increasingly diverse materials such as wood, metal and all kinds of stone. Technological and modern elements can be inserted to integrate mirrors and mirrors in increasingly younger and dynamic homes: from mirrors with integrated lighting that characterize the surroundings even more through indirect lighting, to mirrors with containers, very useful for obtaining hidden spaces and making everything inside the range .

How mirrors are made

Born as a simple sheet metal, polished and made with reflection, the production of mirrors has evolved both in terms of materials and techniques. To date, there are two main materials that make up this furniture: glass and thin layers of silver or aluminum fixed in an electrolytic process. Previously, the use of crystal and other types of metals required special manufacturing processes that originated in Venice in the 15th century, which made antique mirror objects quite expensive. Today's technology allows the personalization of reflective surfaces through engraving, screen printing and inserts using countless materials.

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