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Not replica Parachilna Aballs

The Parachilna Aballs lighting collection is a unique and modern collection of lamps and pendants created by the Spanish designer Tomas Alonso. The Aballs collection includes table lamps, pendant lamps and wall sconces. The lamps in this collection have an abstract shape inspired by traditional forms crossed with a more contemporary style.

The Aballs pendant lamp is the most striking element of the Aballs collection - it is structured in elegant spheres with shiny metal bases embedded in between, creating a unique silhouette that also catches indirect light for a modern and stylish look. The light that this hanging lamp produces is warm, inviting and subtly illuminated. In addition, the Aballs pendant is available both in a single version and in versions with different diameters.

The Aballs table lamp is a great addition to the collection and can be used to add a modern touch to any room. Its unique shape creates a subtle play of light and shadow in the environment. In addition, the lamp is available in many colors, thanks to which you can create a unique and stylish look in any room.

The Aballs wall sconces are a perfect complement to the Parachilna Aballs collection. Like table lamps and pendant lamps, the sconces are structured as elegant spheres with shiny metal bases embedded between them. It's a great way to give your walls a modern and stylish look while providing a warm, inviting light.

Overall, the Parachilna Aballs lighting collection is an eye-catching modern collection of wall, desk and pendant lamps. It offers a unique combination of form and function that can be adapted to any room or space. With elegant, abstract shapes and inviting light, the Aballs collection is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a modern and stylish addition to their home.


How much is Parachilna Aballs

Products inspired by the Parachilna Aballs collection cost an average of 2081 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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