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Not replica Occhio Mito

Occhio Mito is a lighting collection that offers a wide range of options for your home. It features products that combine aesthetic appeal with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The collection includes modern pendant lamps in the shape of Ring. Each product is made of durable metal and includes LED lighting to improve energy efficiency.

One of the most important features of the Mito collection is its inherent adaptability. You can easily switch between designs or combine multiple elements to create a unique and custom look.

The Occhio Mito lighting collection has been designed with strict attention to detail. Each component is precision crafted to ensure a reliable and durable product. The quality is remarkable and each light is durable. As a result, you get an impeccable lighting solution that will remain stylish and functional for many years to come.

For an extra layer of customization, we offer a range of finishes to customize the look of your Mito lighting. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes. You can mix and match to create a unique look, or choose a single finish for a more consistent look. No matter what, you'll get a lighting solution that fits perfectly into your home.


How much is Occhio Mito

Products inspired by the Occhio Mito collection cost an average of 10433 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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