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Just because you have low ceilings does not necessarily mean that they cannot be decorated with beautiful lighting fixtures; it simply means that you should think outside the box and choose designs that are flush with the ceiling or choose height-adjustable pendants. We assure you, however, that the choice of styles of low ceiling lights is huge, so you won't have to sacrifice when it comes to design.

A ceiling lamp has a name

If you are aiming for a decadent and glamorous look A ceiling lamp with a metallic finish, such as polished gold or antique copper with glass or crystal details, will work well for your dining room. Crystal lamp shades help reflect light and create nice patterns on the ceiling, while the location and size of the light mean you won't lose valuable headroom. If you have a large space for lighting with low ceilings, opt for a large drum-shaped lampshade with a diffuser to help bounce a lot of light off the ceiling. The uplighter shaped light will send the light straight to the ceiling where it will reflect and distribute the light efficiently for you. Light colors reflect light and darker colors absorb it, so keep this in mind when decorating any room with a low ceiling.

Bathroom ceiling

For bathrooms and wet rooms, recessed ceiling lighting is a must. It is important that moisture from steam or splashes of water does not penetrate into the luminaire and cause damage, and a rinsed glass or polycarbonate lampshade will ensure that this does not happen. When choosing lamps for bathrooms, look for the degree of IP protection. This means the degree of protection against ingress, and the higher the IP degree of protection (i.e. IP57), the more resistant the light is to damage caused by moisture.

Ceiling lamp everywhere

Halls, utility rooms and verandas usually have lower ceilings, and the selection of the right light is often forgotten; however, choosing the right ceiling lighting for those rooms with low ceilings can create the illusion of space and depth.

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