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Not replica Louis Poulsen PH

The Louis Poulsen PH Lighting collection is the perfect choice for modern interiors. This unique collection was founded in 1958 by a renowned architect with the intention of creating innovative lamps with a modern aesthetic. Over time, the collection has expanded to include many different styles and materials, allowing you to create the perfect lighting atmosphere in a variety of settings. From wall fixtures to pendant lights, the Louis Poulsen PH lighting collection has something for every design style.

As a contemporary lighting collection by Louis Poulsen, the PH Lighting collection is renowned for its style and innovation. Each lamp has been designed to match modern decor and illuminate a space with a distinctive character. Every detail is carefully thought out to create an aesthetic and functional lighting environment. From subtle shapes to innovative materials, each lamp in the PH Lighting collection, by itself or when combined, creates a larger lighting installation. The lights in the PH Lighting collection are made of a variety of materials to ensure the highest quality finish. Traditionally, aluminum has been chosen as the main material, offering a lightweight and durable solution.

The Louis Poulsen PH lighting collection has been designed to add a modern touch to your décor. Whether it's a versatile wall-mounted lamp or an eye-catching pendant lamp, the collection offers a range of design options to make any living or working space brighter and more inviting.

The Louis Poulsen PH lighting collection is a modern lighting collection of excellent quality and timeless style. With a wide range of pendant and wall lamp designs, you can be sure to find the right light to create the perfect atmosphere in your space. From the subtle shapes of the tulip lamps to the bright glass fixtures, the Louis Poulsen PH lighting collection will make a statement in any home or workplace.


How much is Louis Poulsen PH

Products inspired by the Louis Poulsen PH collection cost an average of 4121 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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