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The Vitra Lobby Chair collection is an attractive and elegant seating option for any lobby space. The product is designed specifically for public spaces of medium to large buildings, including lobbies, entrances, waiting rooms and more. The collection provides a range of shapes, materials and sizes to perfectly match the layout of each individual interior space. The chairs' support profiles are made of solid wood and are available in several different wood species. The upholstery of Vitra Lobby chairs is available in leather and fabric, in a range of classic and contemporary colors.

The design of each chair has been optimized for maximum comfort, with the seat and back combination providing an unexpected level of support and relaxation. With durable foam upholstery and upholstery, Vitra Lobby chairs are designed to remain comfortable even after extended use. Interchangeable chair components, such as cushions and seat, allow for personalization and customization to create a unique combination of shapes, materials and colors that perfectly match any interior design.

Chairs in the collection have a number of special features, including adjustable armrests, ergonomic backrests and a three-dimensional seat cushion. This allows users to choose the right level of comfort, support and alignment. In addition, the chairs' base offers a good balance between stability and mobility, so the chairs can be easily moved and repositioned as needed.

The entire collection is designed to meet and exceed current international standards for contract furniture. This means that high-quality materials combined with solid construction ensure that the Lobby Chair will have an extremely long life and withstand even the most demanding use.

Overall, the Vitra Lobby Chair collection is an ideal seating option for any public space. With its attractive design, durable construction, adjustable features and high level of comfort, it is sure to charm visitors and provide years of comfortable use.


How much is Vitra Lobby Chair

Products inspired by the Vitra Lobby Chair collection cost an average of 11831 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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