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Not replica Vitra Panton

The Vitra Panton chair collection is a revolutionary and iconic line of furniture by a well-known modern designer. From the famous Panton chair to playful children's chairs, the Vitra Panton collection celebrates creativity and avant-garde expression.

Constructed from a single molded piece of strong and durable plastic, Panton chairs are known for their ingenious use of materials and slim forms. The vibrant collection features bold colors that give each piece a unique and distinct personality. In addition, Panton chairs are characterized by closed forms, accessible low seats and curved backrests. Thanks to this, the chairs are extremely comfortable and encourage relaxation.

The Vitra Panton chair collection also includes a children's chair, which has gained immense popularity since its launch. The combination of fanciful shapes and vibrant colors creates a fun and inviting atmosphere. Meanwhile, the understated form of the Vitra chair makes it the perfect way to add a personalized seat to any living space.

A classic feature of the Vitra Panton chair collection is the designed Panton chair in bright white plastic with a glossy finish. Its iconic shape and curved edges make it a timeless classic. The Panton chair is also available in other versions that have an organic shape, perfect for furnishing any modern room.

No modern home or office is complete without a few pieces from the iconic Vitra Panton chair collection. With a range of styles and vibrant colors, it's easy to add a unique and comfortable touch to any living or working space. Iconic designs, high-quality materials and comfortable shapes will ensure a timeless piece of furniture that you can enjoy for years.


How much is Vitra Panton Chair

Products inspired by the Vitra Panton Chair collection cost an average of 373 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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