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The Lodes A-Tube lighting collection is an industrial-style range of indoor lighting solutions that provide superior lighting performance. The collection includes pendant lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The fixtures feature an aluminum body and laser-cut holes, giving them a modern and industrial aesthetic. All lamps in the collection are dimmable and energy efficient, while remaining elegant and stylish in any space.

Lodes A-Tube Lighting Collection The minimal yet modern design of the Lodes A-Tube lighting collection makes it suitable for a variety of home and office interiors. The range of shapes, sizes and finishes allows for abundant design flexibility. For example, the pendant shades come with a variety of adjustable cord lengths, as well as adjustable heads that allow for maximum personalization. In addition, the included ceiling inserts and wall brackets provide an additional level of installation versatility.

The quality of light emitted by Lodes A-Tube Lighting is among the best of its kind. The brand has developed its own special filtering technology to ensure that the light from the fixtures is crisp, even and glare-free. The soft glow from the fixtures is well-balanced and can be adjusted to suit the particular mood of a room.

Lodes A-Tube Lighting is an ideal choice for both commercial and residential interiors. This is because it features high quality construction that is also energy efficient. What's more, the fixtures are easy to maintain, as they are made with an aluminum alloy body and anodized finish.

The Lodes A-Tube Lighting collection is a great addition to any space. It provides excellent lighting performance while adding a modern and industrial aesthetic to any interior. In addition, its flexible design and energy efficiency make it a great choice for both commercial and residential environments.


How much is Lodes A-Tube

Products inspired by the Lodes A-Tube collection cost an average of 797 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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