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Louis Poulsen is a renowned Scandinavian lighting brand that has been a leader in modern and functional lighting designs since the late 19th century. The Louis Poulsen Above lighting collection celebrates the brand's Scandinavian roots while providing modern and stylish lighting solutions. The range of fixtures is available in a variety of shapes and sizes and includes both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. The series is suitable for both residential and commercial interiors and is available in a range of modern finishes such as bronze, white and black.

The design ethos of the Louis Poulsen Above collection is to provide innovative yet timeless lighting fixtures that bring a chic ambience to both interiors and exteriors. The range includes wall, pendant and wall-mounted fixtures, as well as ceiling-mounted models. The designs are streamlined and simple with a timeless expression. Many of the fixtures have moving parts and directional adjustment, allowing greater flexibility in the amount of light emitted and the overall atmosphere.

When it comes to energy savings, the Louis Poulsen Above lighting collection goes above and beyond. The collection uses a range of LED and halogen technologies to provide more efficient lighting solutions. LED technology is particularly popular in this area, as it offers excellent brightness without excessive energy consumption. Most of the fixtures are also compatible with dimmable controllers, allowing you to adjust the level of light output depending on the task at hand.

The lighting collection also has a range of options when it comes to color temperature. Each luminaire has the ability to emit natural shades of white, which can be easily adjusted to create a warm or cool atmosphere. Many fixtures also come with customizable color filters, which allow you to create an array of vibrant, eye-catching effects.

Those looking for the perfect lighting solution for their homes should check out Louis Poulsen's Above lighting collection. With timeless yet modern designs, energy-efficient technologies and a wide selection of color temperatures, they are sure to be the perfect solution for any situation.

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