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Panzeri has been in the lighting industry for over seventy years. In 1947, the founder Carlo Panzeri, a businessman from Brianza with experience in the technical and engineering sectors, decided to devote himself to the production of chandelier elements. After the first halogen lamp in 1977 (model T201) and the success of the T80 model in 1979, the Panzeri brand debuted in 1991, and a year later it was presented at the Euroluce trade fair. In 2009, Panzeri released its first architectural lighting collection, PureWhite, and in 2011, the brand created its first Research and Development department focused on LED technology. Panzeri targets architects, designers and creative creators who turn to the brand for indoor and outdoor lighting and the company's ability to tailor its products to specific customer needs. Today, Panzeri lamps are distributed in over forty countries, with particular success in the Italian, German, Austrian, Russian and North American markets. Panzeri is present at the leading trade fairs: Euroluce in Milan, Salon Worldwide in Moscow and Light + Building in Frankfurt.

Panzeri, design lighting Made-in-Italy Made-in-Italy values are constant in all creations Panzeri, made from raw materials exclusively sourced from Italian suppliers, including glass made in Venice and domestic metals, LED lights and the latest generation machines. The company pays special attention to design, working with designers such as Matteo Thun, the author of two designs in 2019. Tubino is a family of wall and ceiling, floor and table lamps that takes the stick-twist archetype and translates it into a necessary form made of several mutually interpenetrating cylinders. Firefly in the sky is a wireless table lamp that uses a distinctive silhouette to establish an empathetic relationship with the user. At Euroluce 2019, Panzeri unveiled the ZigZag by Australian designer Jason Bird, an expert in soundproofing suspensions, with the precise intent of offering a quiet and comfortable fastening thanks to sound-absorbing PET tapes arranged vertically - and in zigzags - to reflect and move the sound waves. ZigZag reduces the perception of reverberation by up to 70%. With Jackie table lamps and Nolita flush-mounted lamps, the Zig Zag completes the Panzeri family of lamps for offices and shops.
Among the designer lamps produced by Panzeri is AlDecimo, a wall lamp designed by Carmen Ferrara and winner of the Design Awards 2017. It is a highly accurate hidden system that can be manipulated with little pressure. In the closed position, only the perimeter of the lamp is illuminated. In the open position, the light beam can be projected over the entire wall. One of the brand's latest designs is the Mark, an indirect emission recessed lighting system designed by Matteo Italia. Reinterprets the concept of recessed lighting by introducing a deliberately visible frame that gives personality to a product that traditionally disappears into the ceiling plane.

Architectural light, according to Panzeri "Light is that part of architecture that cannot be drawn, vision, skillful trick. It is the touch of a concert pianist, almost as decisive as a composer, 'wrote Maurizio De Caro in the text for Panzeri. These words contain the idea of Panzeri architectural lighting expressed in the Pure White philosophy. Pure as plaster, simple, natural, ecological and non-toxic material and White as light, which becomes the only visible element, free from all supports. Brand lighting solutions on walls and ceilings with invisible effects are born from this philosophy; they are easy to install and have fully customizable finishes. The Panzeri architectural lighting collection is divided into three types of luminaires: profiles, recessed and projectors, all designed and made in Italy with as much individualisation as possible and the idea that the object will disappear, throwing light in the service of architecture.

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