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Not replica Moooi Heracleum

The collection of Moooi Heracleum lamps is a timeless show of lighting solutions in an industrial style. The strikingly sculpted lamps are designed to blend seamlessly into modern homes, pushing the boundaries of traditional forms of lighting. Known for its striking appearance, the Heracleum lamp collection includes a range of ceiling, pendant and sconce fixtures that are characterized by a clever interplay of shapes and forms, in particular geometric features and high-quality finishes.

The lighting solutions in the Heracleum collection are unique and versatile, integrating LED technology into dynamic architecture, creating abstract forms with multiple layers of light. As the luminaires are made of durable and easy-to-maintain materials, they are suitable for both commercial and residential interiors. The collection also offers several finishes, ensuring a perfect fit for any space. Compact design and efficient light distribution make this collection a great choice for a variety of rooms in households and commercial spaces.

In addition to its striking forms, the collection emphasizes the concept of "modern luxury" with its impressive lighting performance. Heracleum lamps are characterized by a long life while maintaining extraordinary energy efficiency.

The Moooi Heracleum lamp collection transforms traditional style into something elegant and intuitive. It suits many interior styles, and with a wide selection of design options, it's easy to find the perfect lamp for any space. Combining geometry and modern architecture, the collection adds a unique, stylish touch to any room. The wide range of luminaire variants and finishes ensures that everyone can find the best lamp for their home, allowing for subtle and graceful interpretations.

The Moooi Heracleum lamp collection is a distinctive example of low-maintenance, high-impact lighting that adds style, sophistication and performance to any interior. Versatile luminaires and pendant lamps combine innovative LED technology with elegant geometric forms and high-quality finishes to create a truly timeless collection.


How much is Moooi Heracleum

Products inspired by the Moooi Heracleum collection cost an average of 5064 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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