Inspired by Bellotti Ezio

Bellotti Ezio is a historic company, known worldwide for its collections of classic luxury furniture. Based in Cabiate, in the heart of Brianza, the undisputed homeland of furniture, it keeps its history and tradition intact from generation to generation, and the company's artisans are experts, specializing in the most traditional woodworking techniques, and the production quality increases perfection.
< / br> Bellotti: Mady in Italy classic furniture and noble materials

The concept of Made in Italy starts with design, through the choice of materials, and ending with execution in all collections. The use of noble materials is a must for Bellotti Ezio, who carefully selects essences and noble marbles for his furniture. Even the living room upholstery, single armchairs and chairs are made of very high-quality fabrics, the shades and patterns of which go well with the finish and color of the furniture. Each piece of furniture is customizable, customers can choose from a wide range of finishes and fabrics to furnish their home to their taste, accompanied by a team of industry professionals. Each product is rigorously checked before delivery to the customer, the Made in Italy certificate confirms its quality and originality.

A new brand with a contemporary shape 'BelMondo by Bellotti Ezio'

For over fifty years of uninterrupted participation in Salone del Mobile in Milan, a unique design event, the company presents its collections, proudly upholding the tradition of craftsmanship, showing every year unique elements of great luxury but also of everyday life and gaining a glimpse of current events. This is also evidenced by the creation of a new brand that distinguishes contemporary collections "BelMondo by Bellotti Ezio". In addition, the presence of skilled architects ensures that every room in the house can be examined in detail, even after large-scale projects such as wall cladding in boisers, doors, kitchens and fitted wardrobes for prestigious residences, apartments and hotels. Worldwide projects are proof of the industry's exceptional performance and organizational capabilities.

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