Inspired by Tuttisanti

TuttiSanti is the idea behind FF3300 Visual Arts & amp; Design Studio.
Between craftsmanship and design, TuttiSanti is a project inspired by the Catholic and Orthodox iconographic tradition, but reinterpreting it in a contemporary way, by constructing illustrations and furniture objects, giving value to Made in Italy expertise through new language codes.

TuttiSanti uses the "pop" view to reconsider the central figures of the religious tradition. It combines an in-depth analysis of sacred iconography with a very modern approach to design and styling. The project aims to reflect on the dynamics of popular feelings using a key that is not necessarily pious, closer to the definition of a "guardian angel". From the Latin "Sanctus", the participle has passed "sanction": to protect by sanction, but also to establish by law (and therefore what is inviolable, sacred), a saint is by definition a man or a woman who advocated acquiring the virtues of their faith during their of existence.

The saint is a divine expression on Earth and a recurring figure in everyday life: from folklore to family rituals such as repeating the holy day to countless representations of figurative art. Through the figure of a saint, the tradition evokes stories of extraordinary men and women. Regardless of different beliefs, this project aims to celebrate the "uniqueness" that characterizes people.

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