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Nie replika B&B Italia

B&B Italia is a world-famous furniture company that has been producing world-class furniture since 1966. The company is based in Novellara in the Italian province of Reggio Emilia and has been recognized for its innovative designs and research into modern living and working lifestyles.

B&B Italia is an abbreviation of "Bottega d'Arte Italiana", which means "Italian Art Workshop". This reflects the pursuit of design excellence in all their elements. The company creates innovative furniture for home, office and public spaces. Serving individuals and hotel companies around the world.

B&B Italia is proud of its heritage and has been at the forefront of design, technology and functionality since the 1960s. Their work is admired and respected by many, both in the furniture industry and around the world. B&B Italia creates furniture that stands the test of time, collaborating with the best designers in the world.

The collections are characterized by attention to detail, craftsmanship, comfort and sophistication. Their pieces are characterized by both style and structure, with sculptural lines and comfortable curves blended together to create refined, welcoming and habitable products.

For almost 60 years, B&B Italia has been developing new ways to interpret the concept of modern living with its innovative and creative designs. Their pieces are unashamedly luxurious, timeless and very attractive for any space. Thanks to this, B&B Italia ranks among the top Italian furniture companies, setting design standards around the world.

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