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Sideboard made of technical fabric Studenok

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Inspired by Poltrona Frau Lloyd Tex (not replica Poltrona Frau Lloyd Tex)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Poltrona Frau THE OFFICE - C.E.O. Office Furniture

Product description

Inspired by the world of hi-fi speakers, the Lloyd Tex self-supporting shelf, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, exploits the transparency and lightness of Techno fabric panels, a translucent technical fabric in light and dark colors.
The panels slide on invisible horizontal tracks to create constantly changing sequences.
At Lloyd Tex, the most advanced technology combines with traditional materials such as wood, in a delicate balance between the different material spirits. The interplay of volumes and voids becomes even more visible, allowing you to see the contents of a free-standing shelf without completely revealing it.
Lloyd Tex is available in a variety of width and height combinations to accommodate any furnishing requirement, from modern home interiors to the largest living rooms into smaller spaces, thanks to which the double-sided shelf is also a functional space divider.
The horizontal elements on which the fabric blinds slide are made of HPL laminate, a material with a thin but durable thickness, veneered oak with a matte lead finish .


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Sideboard made of technical fabric Studenok

Sideboard made of technical fabric Studenok

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