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Rectangular tanned leather desk with shelves Studenok

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Inspired by Poltrona Frau Trust 5644710 (not replica Poltrona Frau Trust 5644710)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Poltrona Frau THE OFFICE - C.E.O. Office Furniture
Original code: 5644710 A,5644710 B

Product description

Trust 5644710 is a rectangular tanned leather desk with shelves by Poltrona Frau, designed by Alberto Lievore, Jeannette Altherr, Dennis Park. Poltrona Frau presents the Trust office system for managers. Desks, self-supporting walls and storage cabinets designed by Lievore, Altherr and Park for a completely new office concept. Trust is a collection that comes from in-depth research on the evolution of modern work.
Nowadays, in fact, roles are less rigid and hierarchical, with greater emphasis on horizontal relationships. Technology is increasingly narrowing the boundaries between home and office, which in turn are redefining themselves in fluid scenarios in which it is necessary to intersperse oases of individual concentration with areas of relaxation and places for meetings and exchanges.
In this context, all Trust elements can be freely combine with each other, adapting to the user's working style. Volumes and structures are airy, light and textured. The forms are soft, organic, tapered. Everything is made of leather, saddle leather and wood, adapted to the office space.
Trust desks go beyond the idea of a traditional desk, keeping it separate and static.
The tabletop is devoid of sharp corners, communicating openness and dialogue. Tapered edges make it easier for people working at a desk to maintain their posture by providing comfortable support. The system consists of two versions, both available in three different sizes. With its wavy and irregular profile, the Trust Iconic Desk encourages sharing, offering different sides and stations. The Trust Regular Desk variant maintains a classic rectangular form, which it combines with smooth profiles. In an intermediate size, both models are also available in an asymmetrical version: supported on a leg on one side and on a cabinet on the other.
The Trust Iconic desk is also available in a "large" size, which is a versatile hybrid between a desk and a conference table. Meanwhile, the Trust Regular is also available in a "small" size, perfect as a cozy personal workstation or home desk. Available finishes emphasize the slim and light geometry of the countertops. The latter can be equipped with cable organizers or, in the leather version, with a cable management door.
Techno Wood with a saddle leather or leather work pad or alternatively with a desktop completely upholstered in saddle leather or leather. The complete lack of seams, thanks to masterful workmanship, gives it both a high-tech and artisanal character.
Saddle leather/leather or technowood also on the legs, designed to accommodate cables. All desks, except the Small desk, can be equipped with a modest panel.


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Rectangular tanned leather desk with shelves Studenok

Rectangular tanned leather desk with shelves Studenok

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