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Wall-mounted secretary with a leather-covered top Studenok

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Inspired by Poltrona Frau Iren (not replica Poltrona Frau Iren)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Poltrona Frau THE OFFICE - C.E.O. Office Furniture

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In the world of Japanese calligraphy, there is an invisible but intentional continuity between points, lines and characters called "iren" (意連). This constant movement ensures perfect harmony between symbols, even if they seem divided.
Even in an era like ours, so dominated by technology, the spirit of the Iren desk is not only in the search for beauty and simplicity, but above all in the revival of a natural and harmonious activities: a desk that gives birth to new work scenarios and rituals in a naturally fluid relationship between body and object. Designer Kensaku Oshiro designed the Iren desk as a small home workstation that easily adapts to modern lifestyles. With a simple movement, two overlapping surfaces slide over each other, creating new work and storage spaces. The beauty of the desk is not diminished by its electronic connections: its charging and USB points are located in a metallic black box supporting the top surface, wrapped in an elegant leather or saddle cover. The gently sloped top surface provides a soft feel while providing better support for the forearms. The wall-mounted version can be equipped with LED lighting at the rear, so the desk can be used when natural light begins to fade.
The Iren desk by Poltrona Frau is available in a free-standing version, with the desk supported by a cantilevered solid ash sawhorse base or wall-mounted version, supported by brackets. When placing an order, the customer can choose whether the desktop will be moved left or right.


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Wall-mounted secretary with a leather-covered top Studenok

Wall-mounted secretary with a leather-covered top Studenok

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