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Open wooden shelf Adelanto

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Inspired by Molteni & C. MHC.2 (not replica Molteni & C. MHC.2)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Molteni & C. Heritage

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MHC.2 is made entirely of bent wood finished with American walnut and available in two heights.
MHC.2 is a re-edition of a shelf prototype designed in 1959 by Yasuhiko Itoh. Made of bent wood, a complex process for its time, it won the prize in the 3rd edition of the Selettiva competition in Cantù del 1959. This piece is both elegant and refined. Following a limited edition of 100 numbered pieces, this item is now available as a standard, unnumbered, walnut-clad bentwood piece. Molteni&C is re-examining its history with an eye to the future. The 80!Molteni exhibition, the creation of the company's historical archive and the recently inaugurated Molteni Museum have created an opportunity for a rebirth from the beginnings of modernity.
Intriguing traces have emerged from the past that turn out to be contemporary, ripe for rethinking today. Unique works that can come straight from museum display cases and find their way into our modern homes.


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Open wooden shelf Adelanto

Open wooden shelf Adelanto

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