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Marble coffee table Citrus

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Inspired by Arketipo Douglas (not replica Arketipo Douglas)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Arketipo Douglas

Product description

Douglas is a family of occasional items made of metal, marble and glass. These satellites can orbit around upholstered items because they can be placed at the front, back or sides and can be used as consoles or small tables.
A new simple lexicon expressed in a very peculiar alphabet, e.g. a very demanding living space .

Technical data

Ø 50 H51 cm
Ø 70 H23 cm
Ø 70 H39 cm
130 x 92 x 23 cm


Arketipo, Mauro Lipparini, Douglas, Furniture, Tables and chairs, Coffee tables, coffee table, Contemporary style coffee tables, Marble coffee tables, Natural stone Coffee tables, Coffee tables for the living room


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Marble coffee table Citrus

Marble coffee table Citrus

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