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Dornbracht is a German company specializing in the production and sale of bathroom and kitchen faucets. As a key player on the international scene, the brand stands out for innovative products that bring elegance and sophistication to areas of the home that are customarily reduced to mere practical functions. The main goal of Dornbracht is the production of high-quality batteries. But that is not the only goal of the company. From its inception to the present day, the brand has always been guided by values beyond the production of faucets, faucets and showers. Dornbracht is one of the few plumbing companies that has chosen to continue production at its original plant in Germany, refusing any outsourcing. Moreover, the Dornbracht family has always managed the company. All this makes it possible to establish a direct dialogue between suppliers, customers and artisans without intermediaries. It's not everything. The secret of Dornbracht's success also lies in the company's willingness to surprise, innovate and seek alternatives. The company's products, from bathroom fittings to kitchen faucets, have become icons of design and architecture.

Dornbracht: faucets and faucets for bathrooms and kitchens Dornbracht offers many solutions for the bathroom. These include the Lissé collection, whose designer shower heads and taps decorate showers and washbasins. Modern profiles and minimalist lines characterize CL. 1, is a collection of taps with three or five holes that can be mounted directly on the countertop or on the wall. Madison's heterogeneous products are surprising; The line includes wall sconces, toilet roll holders, toilet brushes, dispensers and shelves.
Dornbracht offers a wide range of kitchen products such as Eno faucets with swivel spouts and retractable spouts for added convenience. The Madison Flair Cucina collection is a more traditional solution for kitchen faucets that can also be mounted on the wall. Numerous products emphasize the innovative nature of the company. Dornbracht creates exclusive designs even for accessories considered secondary; The collection Cutting boards with wooden and plastic cutting boards is a model in this respect.

History Dornbracht Dornbracht was born in 1950 in Iserlohn, a town in North Rhine-Westphalia. It was here that Aloys F. Dornbracht and his son Helmut began to consider the idea of starting an independent company. After work, they met in an old shed to develop solutions for batteries that the market appreciated. Their first pull-out faucet was quickly successful. The company then passed into the hands of Helmut's sons Andreas and Matthias, marking the final sacrifice of Dornbracht. The company has become a leader in the production of bathroom and kitchen faucets and the creation of designer items.
In 2006, Dornbracht chose Milan as its Italian base. It is not only a local office, but a real benchmark, born with the mission of transferring the company's value related to innovation to Italy.

Dornbracht chicken coops around the world Many projects that the company has carried out in Europe emphasize the functional and decorative quality of the faucets Dornbracht. One of them was the Raffles Europejski Hotel in Warsaw, for which Dornbracht supplied batteries from the CL.1, Tara.Logic, Tara and MEM collections. Likewise, the company played a leading role in the Dubai Sheraton Grand Hotel. In the impressive scenery of the Arabian metropolis, Dornbracht has decorated hotel bathrooms with taps from the Lulu, MEM and Deque series. Of course, Dornbracht has completed many projects in Italy. The exclusive Ceresio 7 fitness and wellness center in Milan offers the Comfort Shower Leg Shower, Sensory Sky overhead showers and Tara mixers.

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