Inspired by Mille997

Mille997 is a young company with production facilities between Sassuolo and Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, born out of a combination of experience and innovation in interior design. Through the fruitful cooperation of young entrepreneurs and talented architects, Mille997 has made "the desire to surprise" the leitmotif of all its creations, creating unique and original design objects, as well as decorative solutions for every type of living space

Mille997's passion for work is their daily culmination in high-quality objects and decorative elements for those who focus on originality and like to decorate spaces with a display solutions from classic to minimalist, from elegant to versatile, etc.

The Mille997 is inspired by nature, the architect par excellence who plays a leading role in all its products. Confirming this principle, Mille997 implements projects that evoke positive emotions and are transferred to spaces with a pleasant atmosphere

The production of Mille997, which has sometimes become a very rare, or rather commercial industrial material

- "Landscape" wallpapers, which present exclusive concepts of decorating space, materials, vertical surfaces, internal walls as macroimages

- decorative glass surfaces with prints of exclusive high-quality patterns on the glass pane or in the technique sandwich (embedded between two layers of glass), where metal mesh, fabric and other materials can be used. The special treatment of glass surfaces in order to obtain a relief effect, especially suitable for shower cabins and countertops.

Mille997 makes it possible to implement tailor-made projects according to the needs of the client, be it an architect, designer or interior decorator. < / p>

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